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Ford Mustang Interrupts Photoshoot – Crashes Immediately

In today’s piece of ‘look at that stupid Ford Mustang owner’, we watch a video of someone being a stupid Ford Mustang owner.

The man behind the camera, the owner of a Mustang himself, was using the clear weather to his advantage and staged a photoshoot for his beloved car at the top of a multistorey car park. To his annoyance, another Mustang owner spotted him and soon tried to butt into the photoshoot by attempting to drift around the empty lot.

I say ‘attempt’ because he didn’t quite pull it off. Despite the car park being almost completely empty of other cars, this twit still managed to crash into one of the concrete bases of a lamp post almost immediately. The airbags are deployed after a big bang that sees the end of yet another Mustang’s life.

What’s even better is later on with the cameras still rolling, the owner of the crashed Mustang attempts to start it. I suppose he wants to drive it home… for some reason. Of course, look down at the ground and you’ll see a huge pool of oil that’s quickly growing in size. Thankfully the engine didn’t start, because oil starvation is a thing that even Mustang owners have to think about.

This brings us to the end of today’s ‘look at that stupid Ford Mustang owner’. Tomorrow, I’m sure we’ll have something new to show you.

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