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Formula DrifterChelsea DeNofa Shows Us What Happens When You Drift On Spare Tyres

Chelsea DeNofa has been teaching us about drifting and driving for a long time via his YouTube channel, but his most recent video asks a very simple, but unknown question.

Do you need front tyre grip when you drift?

The video begins with Chelsea at a junkyard looking for some thin space-saver spare wheels to drift with. He explains how he’s always said that you don’t need front-wheel grip to drift, but in this video, he’s going to prove it.

He attaches the 19-year-old wheels to his BMW 3-Series drift missile with 60PSI of pressure. The rears are set at 25PSI, a bit higher than the usual 16. Lots of smokey drifting commences.

So what’s the conclusion?

There’s a little bit of push, according to DeNofa, but it works. The biggest problem is using the footbrake on a fast entry, or when using the brake while steering, but Chelsea is stoked to find out that you don’t need really grippy tyres to do some great drifting.

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