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Gorgeous 1970 Plymouth Superbird Found In Barn Find Success

Plymouth Superbirds are rare cars even before they’re hidden away in a barn for decades. Plymouth produced around 1,900 of the iconic muscle cars out of its factory in 1970, making them some of the most sought-after Plymouth models ever made.

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to dig up a classic automobile from a barn. Ryan Brutt of Auto Archaeology has dedicated his life to locating and restoring such automobiles. He has also created another rescue video of a 1970 Plymouth Superbird for his YouTube channel.

“Here I am in Indiana, looking at this 1970 Plymouth Superbird that’s been sitting roughly since 1986. And while it is in yellow, if you look in here real quick, you can see it’s an actual original petty blue car. We are going to roll it out here in a minute because it’s going onto a new home,” Brutt told the camera.

Since 1979, the current owner of the 1970 Plymouth Superbird has maintained it and driven it. But after an accident, they gave up driving the car and put it into storage.

What Is The Plymouth Superbird?

The designers of the Plymouth Superbird intended it to accomplish one thing, with that being to win NASCAR events. With Richard Petty at the wheel, the Plymouth Superbird won 18 races in 1970, with speeds exceeding 200 mph.

The 426 Hemi engine in the 1970 Plymouth Superbird was one of the most powerful engines available at the time. This 7-liter engine had 440 four-barrel Carter AFB carburettors and produced 390 horsepower. The motor’s power is sufficient to accelerate the Superbird from 0 to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds.

The Superbird was originally painted Petty Blue, and despite its current yellow paint job, it is still in excellent condition. The owner had the original headlight buckets and wings removed for safekeeping and they were also in excellent condition.

“Alright, we just popped the hood real quick, show the original 440 four-barrel carb, power disc brakes, and here you can see a little bit more of the original petty blue. Original engine, original transmission, some really cool stuff,” Brutt told his viewers.

The Superbird was taken out of storage for the first time in a while, and it looks fantastic. The automobile has 51,000 original kilometers on the clock.

“Oh, I even realized they took the vinyl top off,” Brutt said. “Back in the ’70s, I got this picture on my phone, he had a picture of it. It was Petty Blue then, and then they added the red to it,” the owner of the Plymouth said.

The present owner, Tom, has a lot of restoration work ahead of him, especially on the inside, owing to extensive damage from mice.

“This 1970s Superbird was really cool to be able to be there to document it coming out of the barn. It hadn’t sat there for that long, in this exact barn, but it had been sitting on and off since 1979 when it was in an accident. That is why the vinyl top was removed, and the nose was what they call let it in,” Brutt said.

This autumn 2021, the resurrected 1970 Plymouth Superbird will make its debut at the MCACN (Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals) Show.

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