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Jay Leno Experiences The New Crab-Walking Hummer EV On An Off-Road Trail

The Hummer has long been a part of the automotive world. It’s no secret that the Hummer is popular and despised in equal measure. Jay Leno drove an off-road excursion in a pre-production Hummer EV on his YouTube channel. In an amazing coincidence, the 2022 EV Hummer has a feature list that will put a grin on not just its fans’ faces, but also mother nature’s.

The crew at Jay Leno’s Garage was quite fortunate, as the all-electric, crab-walking off-roader was delivered to them by General Motors’ Al Oppenheiser, the Chief Engineer for GM.

“Well, I am pretty impressed. You know, one of my favorite sayings is engineers will change the world, and you are one of the guys that’s doing it,” Leno told the camera.

“I mean, you take something like Hummer, which when it first came out, people went crazy, then the environmentalists nuts. So, you found out the problem with the car, it was polluting, you got rid of the pollution, and now you have something that is eco-friendly,” Leno added.

“Just exactly as you said. Everyone remembers Hummer, good or bad. But if you make it an off-road beast, then the people that loved it will really love it, and if you make it zero-emissions, the people that hated it have no excuse not to love it,” Oppenheiser told us.

The Hummer EV is a completely new off-roader with greater speed, more power, and far less noise. The pre-production Hummer EV is superior to the greenest gasoline automobile. At least, it is when you’re working with renewable energy.

The Hummer was discontinued in 2012, but it will be resurrected as an all-electric vehicle under the GMC brand in 2022. The current GMC Hummer has three electric motors that produce a total of 1,000 horsepower and allows the truck to reach 60mph in just 3 seconds. The truck’s Watts to Freedom launch control driving mode setting enables you to reach this goal. The EV Hummer also has an Infinity Roof System and 18 onboard cameras for orientation for when you’re treading slowly over rocks and uneven terrain.

“It’s amazing how effortless it feels. It just makes me laugh. I really don’t have to do anything. I can hop at the back and have a sandwich,” Leno laughed.

“One of the things we are really stressing with an electric vehicle that’s an off-road vehicle is how quiet it is,” Oppenheiser replied.

The all-wheel-drive EV Hummer has torque vectoring, which helps the car’s electric system to adapt torque delivery. CrabWalk is one of the most interesting features of this Hummer.

The EV Hummer’s CrabWalk feature allows it to negotiate obstacles that before would be impossible to negotiate. If the EV comes upon an unpassable obstacle, such as a ravine, the Crab Walk function engages all four wheels and spins them in the same direction up to ten degrees while keeping the body straight. Genius.

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