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Jeremy Clarkson on the NSX, Mustangs, the 488, Corvettes, Fuel Cell Cars & Tesla

The Grand Tour has been a smash hit ever since its premiere episode. Amazon along with the hosts of the show have been  on with what seems like a never-ending press tour to promote The Grand Tour, and the latest had Jeremy Clarkson in an interview with Business Insider’s Benjamin Zhang.

The two discussed the show, cars, and why Clarkson both loves Ferrari & and hates Tesla.


During the interview, Benjamin asked Jeremy about one of his favorite cars to debut this year, the Acura NSX. Jeremy said, “I’m annoyed to have to say that James May has driven it for the show, Richard Hammond has been in it, and I’ve only been looking at it. I’ve haven’t had a go in it, not yet, but I will very soon. It’s a very good looking car, I just hope its better than Honda’s Formula One effort.”

Benjamin went on to continue asking Jeremy about cars, moving along with Tesla. Benjamin asked if Jeremy had become a fan of Tesla, referring to his dislike for electric cars and the company in the past, to which Jeremy replied ” I will never be a fan plug-in electric cars. You have brown-outs in New York already when you have people charging (phones) up, and running lights. America is barely coping with its demand for electricity. Same in Britain. We’re 5% and you’re 16% under here in the US. So, when people start charging their cars up, where’s the power going to come?”


It seems that Jeremy disagrees with the push towards electric cars, saying that instead ” The answer is hydrogen. But the more plug-in electric cars that come along, the less demand there is for carmakers to get off their asses and start making fuel cell cars — which is where we must go. We must have fuel cell cars. The world has to have them.”

Moving on to cars which move with fire, Benjamin asked Jeremy about Ferrari’s new 488. Jeremy commented “The 488 is a fabulous car — make no mistake about that. And anyone who owns a 458, now would feel small and stupid because they bought the wrong car… James May.”



As usual, Jeremy even had a bit of a surprise in store when asked about American cars. Those of you who have followed Top Gear and Clarkson for a long time know his feeling on American cars in general so what he had to say about them was a bit shocking. When asked if American cars have gotten better, Jeremy said “much better. The new Corvettes are truly fantastic. You couldn’t possibly have one in Europe because you’d look like a moron. But, it’s a fabulous car. In fact, the last two generations have been extremely impressive.”

He went on to say “the Mustang is also a really good car. We a drove the Roush one in the opening scene (of the first episode) and that was a really good car.The Roush was the best of those three.”


A pretty big statement coming from a man who has driven the kind of cars Jeremy has! Roush should be proud of that one. For the rest of Jeremy’s interview, be sure to head over to Business Insider. For more on The Grand Tour, be sure to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the web!

Source: Business Insider

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