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Ken Block’s Final Gymkhana Film Trailer Teases Electrikahna TWO in Mexico

The legendary Gymkhana man's last film showcases electric thrills south of the border.

In a bittersweet moment for fans of Ken Block and the Gymkhana series, the trailer for his final Gymkhana film, titled “Electrikahna TWO,” has been unveiled. Scheduled for a December 2023 release, this exciting teaser takes us straight to Mexico, promising electrifying thrills and unforgettable stunts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ken Block’s Gymkhana series has been a sensation, captivating audiences worldwide with his remarkable driving skills in diverse locations.
  • “Electrikahna TWO” is Block’s final Gymkhana film, continuing his collaboration with Audi and featuring the iconic Audi Quattro S1.
  • The trailer hints at breathtaking scenes in Mexico, including city streets, an airport, and what appears to be a bullfighting arena.

Ken Block’s journey as the “Gymkhana man” began with a viral video featuring a Subaru rally car, setting the internet ablaze and leaving fans hungry for more. Block responded to this demand by creating ten more Gymkhana films, each set in unique and thrilling locations, from Los Angeles and France to Las Vegas.

However, Block took his Gymkhana adventures to the next level in October 2022 with “Electrickhana.” This groundbreaking film marked his first Gymkhana project after collaborating with Audi and his first featuring an electric vehicle. Working closely with Audi’s engineers, Block introduced the Quattro S1 EV, paying homage to the iconic Audi Group B rally cars from the ’80s.

In “Electrickhana,” Block wowed audiences in Las Vegas with jaw-dropping drifts and smoke-filled burnouts amidst the neon lights of the Strip, showcasing the incredible capabilities of electric power in the ‘Hoonitron.’

Sadly, early this year, Ken Block’s sudden passing in a snowmobile accident left millions of fans and the entire industry mourning. Many believed that his Gymkhana legacy ended with “Electrickhana.” However, it appears that Block had one more masterpiece up his sleeve.

Hoonigan, the driving force behind the Gymkhana series, has recently unveiled the trailer for “Electrikahna TWO.” Although the trailer does not explicitly mention the late Block, keen-eyed viewers will recognize him and the Audi Quattro S1 dominating the scenes in Mexico.

While extracting precise details from the rapid sequences in the trailer proves challenging, it hints at Block navigating through city streets, an airport, and a location resembling a bullfighting arena. If these glimpses are anything to go by, “Electrikahna TWO” promises to be another adrenaline-pumping installment in the Gymkhana legacy. Hoonigan has confirmed that fans can expect the film to hit screens in December 2023, making it a fitting tribute to Ken Block’s incredible talent and indomitable spirit.

In Summary: Ken Block’s final Gymkhana film, “Electrikahna TWO,” teases electrifying stunts and thrilling scenes in Mexico. Scheduled for release in December 2023, this trailer is a bittersweet reminder of the legendary Gymkhana man’s remarkable legacy.

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