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Lamborghini Huracan Takes On Tesla Model 3 On Drag Strip

Lamborghini possesses some of the most powerful engines on the planet, and its cars are some of the fastest on the road. But is the celebrated Huracan faster than the modest little Tesla Model 3 Performance on a drag strip?

Electrification is looking to be a strong contender for the future of cars, especially the performance segment with the instant torque you can get from electric motors. But even with that at its disposal, can it beat the Italian bull with high performance rubber and racing fuel? Take a look at the video and we’ll find out.

The driver of the Model 3 explains in the video description that he beat the Lamborghini once before its tyre and fuelling upgrades, but with these changes, and despite the Model 3 having its rear seats removed, it doesn’t stand a chance as it is quickly overtaken by the bull before losing by over a car length.


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