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Land Rover Planning A Mini Defender + A Luxury Version

The 2020 Defender made waves on its release earlier this year, and Land Rover definitely seems to be doubling down on it with it now taking (almost) centre stage in the new James Bond: No Time To Die. With prices starting at £45,240 for the long-wheelbase 110 model, we can see it being very popular as a Range Rover substitute.

News from Autocar rumours that the British company is thinking of producing a smaller version of the Defender, currently codenamed L860 and ready to sit at the bottom of its food chain at just £25,000. It will carry similar design cues to the Defender both inside and out.

Land Rover Planning A Mini Defender + A Luxury Version
– A Land Rover Series 1

Autocar believes that while it’s going to be very similar to the Defender, it will have more of a historical link to the Series 1 Land Rover, and therefore the name might reflect that, being simply, Land Rover 80. The 80 references the wheelbase, compared to the Defender 90 and 110.

Both a four-cylinder engine and a hybrid three-cylinder powertrain is said to be available, with AWD strictly an option. It is dated for release during 2021.

Alongside this, Land Rover may also be planning a halo Defender Sport model with rumours that it will have an all-electric powertrain on its release in four years. It will have a luxury focus, and because of this will become the most expensive in the Defender line. Despite this, Land Rover insists that they want it to remain an off-roader thanks to its “ultra-fine controllability of electric motors.” However, it will still remain a more than adequate road car.


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