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Meet The Ferrari Stallone – The Spiritual Successor Of The LaFerrari

Not long ago we showed you a rendered version of what the new Ferrari F40 would look like ina modern guise. Today, we bring you the new LaFerrari, in render form, of course.

Ferrari is keen to remind us that an overhaul is coming to its portfolio of sports cars soo with a fully-electric car coming to the market in 2025. Graphic design artist, Murray Sharp, has shown us his thoughts on how he thinks this new hypercar will take shape with the idea that it will be the natural progression of the LaFerrari.

He’s called this car the Ferrari Stallone, or Stallion in Italian, and it continues Ferrari’s iconic design-work into the future. Wearing the Rosso Corsa, it features a low nose with a Formula 1-like arrow shape while also implementing other design ideas from current hypercars into the mix. Down the side it adopts Ford GT buttresses, and its headlights look like they could have come from a future McLaren. “This hypercar would be positioned at the pinnacle of the Ferrari brand, a successor to the great Laferrari,” he says.

Sharp has even agreed on a powertrain, with a chosen KERS assisted V12 sitting in the middle of the hypercar. With the added lightweight thanks to a host of carbon fibre parts, its performance would surely be unmatched, and heard via the dual exhaust exits that sit next to the rear hatch.

The Ferrari Stallone concept has been a very special project for me,” its designer, Murray Sharp, told Motor1. “It actually came about from a place of frustration where I felt like I could do more with my skills and talents. I made a very strong and deliberate decision to take on a project for myself to prove what I really could achieve if I put my absolute best effort into it. It has been by far the most substantial piece of design I have ever created.”

“I used over 12 different design programs in total to complete this project and six of these programs I had never used before. Large programs including Alias, Vray, Photoshop, and Aftereffects were all learned from scratch during this project.”

This is an exquisite take on the future of Ferrari by an incredibly talented designer. If anything was to come from this triumphant effort, I hope it involves the Ferrari design department.

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