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Mercedes-Benz EQXX Live Reveal TODAY: Watch Here As Mercedes Debuts Its Future

It was the July of last year when Mercedes-Benz started teasing the all-new EQXX concept. But it didn’t stay a concept for long as it was only in November when the German marque revealed that the car will be debuted today, January 3rd.

This EQXX isn’t just a concept for the brand. Instead, it acts as a lightning rod of design that the company will use for their cars going forward, as well as a prototype for the actual car itself which will be produced in the future.

The main objective behind the EQXX is for it to be an extremely efficient all-electric car with a range of 621 miles, or 1,000 kilometres, on a single charge. This doesn’t just mean it’s been attacked by the Duracell bunny, though. Instead, it uses a host of different technologies to allow it to sip on its batteries like a nun sips vodka.

So far, the car looks to be a four-door saloon with a shape that’s slippery in the air while still being muscular. Looking a bit like the Volkswagen XL1 and the Porsche Taycan had a drunken turn of events over Christmas, it’s definitely a car of the future, but we’ll look forward to seeing it fully revealed later today.

With a focus on aerodynamics, the car has a number of body parts that change shape depending on how the car is being driven. Its diffusor is retractable, and a number of body parts will configure themselves for less drag. In fact, Mercedes is calling this “software-defined research prototype” the most efficient vehicle ever created by the brand, with an energy consumption of only 10 kWh per 62 miles (100 kilometres).

The release will take place at 12:00 AM EST / 09:00 AM PST and you can watch it right here live.

Following the release, we’ll post everything we know about the new and exciting model

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