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Ryan Tuerck Crashes His Ferrari Powered Toyota GT86 – Daily Update

It’s been an incredible day for motoring entertainment. Ryan stretches the legs of his Ferrari powered GT86, as well as some of its suspension parts, and Ken Block takes his driving to yet another level with is latest video. Then we’ll have a look at what Subaru have up their sleeves in regard to the new WRX STI, and finish with interesting news from Aston and Red Bull and their F1 partnership.

Ryan Tuerck Crashes His Ferrari Powered Toyota GT86

Even the professionals can get it wrong, as we can see in the video above where Ryan Tuerck puts his drift car into the side of a dirt cliff where they were filming in Portland. The car in question is a Toyota GT86 with the V8 from a Ferrari 458 nestled tightly under the bonnet. It packs an incredible soundtrack and looks the business, and was repaired quickly so they could finish the shoot. The perks of having a team working alongside you!

Ken Block Takes To Pike’s Peak

Once again, Ken Block is pushing the limits of his cars and his skills behind the wheel – this time at Pikes Peak. He’s back in his 1965 Hoonicorn (1400hp from a twin-turbo 6.7-litre V8) and uses it to carve up the mountain roads. He’s not even attempting the record, just showing us how much fun you can have behind the wheel of his American beast.

Possible Next Generation WRX STI

With previous designs from Subaru coming under fire, what does everyone think to the latest images of what could be the new WRX STI? It looks fairly aggressive and I personally like what look to be daytime running lights. But will I like it in the flesh? Well, we’ll see it at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year! But until then, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Aston Martin Will Be Title Sponsor To Red Bull In F1 2018

While Aston Martin and Red Bull may not exactly mix well off the track, on the track they seem to be doing pretty well. And after their hypercar reveal, the Aston Martin Valkyrie, they look like they have some brilliant chemistry that needs to be used to its full potential. From next year, their team name will be known as Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and I’m sure they’ll have a few things up their sleeves.

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