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The Bugatti Pur Sport Speedster Would Destroy Your Face

Bugatti has always been at the leading edge of performance and luxury, so it’s a surprise that the VW-owned marque hasn’t caught on to the current trend of speedster models that have been turning up in recent press releases. Instead, the Chiron was given was given a more track-orientated version called the Pur Sport. This is what the Carlifestyle page on Facebook has used to produce a rendering of a Speedster of Bugatti’s own. 

We’re not such a fan of speedsters at GTN, but this model really does look good, minus maybe the side mirrors which are far too large for the design of the car. The side curves have been moulded into the new shape that comes from removing the roof, and the interior coated in luxurious materials is now on show for everyone to see (and birds to aim at). 

Bugatti will only produce 16 units of the Pur Sport, with each car coming to €3.2 million excluding VAT. But, as Bugatti always has the luxury aspects of motoring in mind, we doubt we’ll be seeing something like this any time soon. 

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