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The Rimac C_Two Will Be Revealed Fully In March 2020 Geneva Motor Show

Rimac has already made an impact on the EV market with the celebrated Concept One, with it gaining worldwide popularity after Richard Hammond crashed it during the second season of The Grand Tour. Several interviews and cover stories later, and Rimac was a household name.

C_Two, the company’s second car is now close to its official reveal, with it coming March 2020 at the Geneva Motor Show. It will be faster and easier to drive than the original, and will have a full change of name to match its importance to the brand.

No longer will the car be a concept, despite the 17 prototype cars that are currently whirring silently around the world’s racetracks at a serious pace (and testing “high-performance autonomous driving”, fyi). 0-62mph will come in at 1.85 seconds, with the car hitting its top speed at 258mph. Rimac tells TopGear that it will be an everyday car that will be user-friendly with plenty of creature comforts.

An even faster version will be coming in the future specifically for the track, with even a potential Nurburgring attack in the making, but for those of us who are mere mortals, the C_Two will be more than enough.

The Rimac C_Two Will Be Revealed Fully In March 2020 Geneva Motor Show

“The C_Two will have a new driver feel,” says Rimac, “highly communicative handling and first-class dynamics.

“Together with the understanding of the term ‘concept’, the name ‘C_Two’ will be replaced by the production model name,” Rimac tells TG. So now we have the difficult task of guessing the new name. Any suggestions, please place them in the comments below. As Rimac himself began drag racing BMW E30s, it could have some connection with the German marque, but we’ll leave out guesses until we’re much closer to the reveal.

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