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This Dodge Challenger, BMW M3 Hybrid Is A Custom Shop Monster

Custom cars by aftermarket companies are going to extremes, and this Abimelic Design-commissioned Custom FN Customs render is a great example. While I must reiterate, this is only a render, but the company promises us that it will be built in good time.

The body is essentially a 1965 Mustang. According to the designer, it’s been extensively modified and has big fender flares that give it a more modern and sporty appearance.

The front fascia, which was taken from a contemporary Dodge Challenger Hellcat, is a little too much for this pony car. And the wide body only accentuates this drama.

But the eclectic mixes from tradition don’t stop there. That’s because the foundation for this apparently American vehicle is made in Germany.

That’s correct, the engine will be an E46 BMW 3-Series from the 2000s, which means there will be no V8 under the hood but rather a straight-six instead. While Mustangs were not unfamiliar with straight-sixes back in their day, they are certainly not well-remembered today. However, importing it from a BMW is a fantastic concept.

Surprisingly, this is not a purely fantastical creation. The rendering was commissioned by Custom FN Customs, a shop in northern California that is said to be working on the car that will be called “Wallenstein.”

More intriguing is the fact that the E46 M3 and the first-generation Mustang are quite comparable in size. The Mustang isn’t much bigger than the BMW E46 sedan, which has a 2,725 mm wheelbase and a 1,732 mm width (107.2×68.1 inches). It’s not an exact fit, but it’s not far off.

So guys, what do you think? Is this your kind of European and American mix?

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