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This Is What Happens When You Post Evidence Of Your Bad Driving On YouTube

We don’t often discuss motorbikes on GTN, but we couldn’t pass on this tale of woe. This story consists of two main parts: reckless driving on the road, and the posting of said reckless driving to social media.

It begins with a group of Spanish riders who were out and about enjoying the roads. Of course, like most of us would, they push their limits a bit, showing off to the rest of the group, but their riding got a little too much. They were passing cars on solid lines, speeding massively while passing cars and generally being dangerous with other road users about.

They then posted the video below to social media, and without thinking about it, let it out to the public. This included the local police who quickly went about trying to find these riders and identify them. This joined another fifty (ish) videos of this rider doing the same thing and of course, all the number plates were visible. Despite this, it took a year for the police to catch the riders.

The sheer number of videos showing this reckless driving was what really caught the attention of the police. A single video probably isn’t worth their time, but when this was happening constantly, they had to be stopped. The road, found near Logrono in Spain, is an obvious favourite for riders and drivers alike, but I’m sure after hearing this story, people will think twice about being stupid enough to advertise their law-breaking on social media.

The police were able to identify ten of the riders, of which each was charged for two crimes, 39 road safety violations, which, all told, ran them a fine of 14,100 Euros (approximately £11, 700) between them and 132 points shared out between their driving licenses. Ouch.

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