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Video: Aston Martin Valkyrie Screams Past At Full Pelt On Track

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is the hypercar of the decade with mastermind Adrian Newey behind the design and Cosworth behind the powertrain. It surely can’t get any better than a 1,160bhp hybrid hypercar.

Actually, it can. And this is exactly where it happens: on the track. Andy Palmer, Aston Martin CEO recently posted this clip to his Twitter page.

It may only be a short clip, but it perfectly demonstrates the 10,500rpm of the Cosworth-tuned V12 with the tone reminiscent of the Formula 1 beginnings it came from. This is the first time we’ve heard the British hypercar under full load, and sporting a red and black livery like its Red Bull Formula 1 cousins, it looks the part just as well as it sounds the part.

150 units will be built, plus another 25 AMR Pro track-only editions. We can’t wait!

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