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Video: Someone’s Already Binned A 2020 Supra And It’s Now For Sale

It’s quite simply really. If you’re on a public road, try not to be a d**k, especially if you haven’t quite got to grips with driving in a straight line. Yep, somebody’s already binned a 2020 Supra in the most Mustang-styled video you’ll see today.

Hitting the gas and waiting for the car to oversteer with minimal reaction will often see a similar conclusion to this video. The car loses traction and shoots towards the nearest tree, essentially writing off the sports car and giving it one hell of a nose job.

Video: Someone's Already Binned A 2020 Supra And It's Now For Sale

Airbags went off, swear words were shouted, but as far as we know everyone in the car was okay. The tree took it like a champ, too.

A quick search of the VIN (VIN WZ1DB4C04LW024920) and you can find this very car for sale at an insurance auction, so if you do fancy something that resembles something of an A90 Supra, click this link to where it’s currently being sold.


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