This Insane V8 Supercars Crash Is Absolutely Terrifying

Young Todd Hazlewood, just 21 years of age, was rounding the corner at Sandown Raceway’s turn 6 during the first qualifying for the Sandown 500 when opponent Jono Webb locked up in front of him, leaving Hazlewood with nowhere to go.

Forced off track, Hazlewood was then slammed into the wall where he essentially t-boned the tire wall. He then spun into the air where the car completed a number of revolutions before coming to a stop with body panel strewn about everywhere. It was an insane looking crash where the car was essentially just a chassis with wheels left afterwards:

Miraculously, Hazlewood walked away unscathed, which is a testament to how evolved strength and safety systems in racing now are.

“When you’re going at 260 kilometres an hour (162mph) and you get a whack like that you’re just a passenger.

I haven’t had a roll over since I was seven in dirt karts and I’ve never wrecked a Supercar in my life. I’m just shattered, to be honest.”

Hazlewood didn’t lament for too long, however. An mere hour later, he was back on the track competing in the Dunlop Super2 Series support race where he had a podium finish.

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