What Does a 5000hp Shot of Nitrous Look Like?

Nitrous doesn’t quite work how it does in Fast & Furious. You don’t press a button on the steering wheel with the effect of having your car launch into hyperspace like the Millennium Falcon, and if you use too much of it it doesn’t blow out the wields on your floor panel.

It’s really a very boring way of making power when you haven’t got all the CGI and camera trickery of the big screen. I was especially disappointed when I found out a bright blue flame doesn’t erupt from the exhaust pipe. The only hints a car running nitrous could give you may the some inconspicuously placed N2O canisters, or nitrous purging. But even then, fake purgers can be bought straight from Ebay.

What does it look like beneath though bonnet, though? This is where the magic happens, and as you can see from the video, it’s rather violent.

That’s what a 5000hp shot of nitrous looks like. That would be more than enough to fry the piston rings on your Eclipse, but on a purpose-built drag car, nitrous can make the difference between achieving your time and falling short.

I’m going to take back what I said at the start of this article. This much nitrous might actually launch you into hyperspace. Just press the button on the steering wheel instead of asking Chewy to ‘punch it’. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work.

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