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Bernie Ecclestone Praises Verstappen as the Best in F1, Acknowledges Hamilton’s Unique Talent

Former F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone recently declared Max Verstappen as the greatest F1 driver, placing him above Lewis Hamilton in his personal ranking. While praising Verstappen’s unparalleled driving skills, Ecclestone also recognized Hamilton’s exceptional talent and unique persona in the world of Formula 1.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Bernie Ecclestone’s High Praise for Verstappen: Ecclestone, the ex-CEO of F1, considers Max Verstappen as the best driver ever in the history of the sport, even surpassing legends like Lewis Hamilton and Alain Prost. This statement comes as Verstappen leads the 2023 championship by a significant margin.
  2. Verstappen’s Record-Breaking Performances: The Dutchman’s outstanding form is highlighted by his recent achievement of the most consecutive Grand Prix wins. With ten victories in a row, including a spectacular win in Italy, Verstappen’s dominance is unquestionable.
  3. Ecclestone’s Unique View on Hamilton: While he hails Verstappen’s ability to maximize car performance, Ecclestone also points out Hamilton’s diverse strengths, including understanding people and excelling in spheres beyond racing. He recognizes Hamilton as not just a talented racer but a multifaceted personality distinct from others in the sport.

In the realm of Formula 1, opinions on who stands as the greatest of all time are often divided and subject to personal biases. Bernie Ecclestone, a prominent figure in the sport, recently expressed his views in an interview with the Daily Mail, where he boldly named Max Verstappen as the best driver in F1 history. Ecclestone’s statement reflects his admiration for Verstappen’s racing prowess, particularly as the young Dutch driver is on the verge of clinching his third driver’s title.

Verstappen’s commanding lead in the 2023 championship exemplifies his exceptional skill and consistency. His teammate, Sergio Perez, trails by a massive 150 points, emphasizing the gap between Verstappen and the rest of the field.

Despite this high praise for Verstappen, Ecclestone does not overlook the talents of Lewis Hamilton. Ecclestone acknowledges Hamilton’s extraordinary abilities, noting his intelligence, talent, and ability to connect with people. This combination of skills, according to Ecclestone, positions Hamilton in a league of his own, with potential to excel in various fields beyond racing.

Ecclestone’s insights provide a unique perspective on two of the sport’s most celebrated figures. His comments about Hamilton’s unique journey and fighting spirit, drawn from personal experiences, offer a deeper understanding of what sets Hamilton apart from his contemporaries. Ecclestone’s analysis not only highlights the achievements and characteristics of these two exceptional drivers but also sheds light on the diverse qualities that define greatness in the high-octane world of Formula 1.

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