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Daniel Ricciardo Sets Sights on 2024 RB Targets – “Challenge Closer To The Front”

In outlining his ambitions for the 2024 season with RB, Daniel Ricciardo aims to propel the team toward the front of the grid, prioritizing immediate success over personal aspirations with Red Bull.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ricciardo prioritizes RB’s current success over potential returns to the Red Bull Racing team.
  • Targeting improved grid positions, Ricciardo hints at the prospect of podium finishes throughout the season.
  • His strategy revolves around maximizing the car’s potential and delivering consistent, strong performances.

Daniel Ricciardo’s commitment to steering RB towards success in the 2024 Formula 1 season marks a significant shift in focus for the Australian driver. Despite lingering speculations about a potential return to the Red Bull Racing lineup, Ricciardo’s primary goal remains enhancing RB’s performance on the track.

Ricciardo’s journey within the Red Bull family has seen him transition from a reserve role to now leading the RB team. This evolution underscores his adaptability and determination to make an impact wherever he is placed within the organization.

In his recent statements to the media, Ricciardo emphasized his dedication to RB’s cause, stating:

“I think it’s kind of the big picture. Sitting here now, at the start of a new season, it’s not something on my mind. It’s respect to where I currently am as well and a long season ahead.

“I think the way I get back to the front of the grid is to try and hustle this car as hard as possible and produce weekends like Mexico and obviously do that more consistently. Then we’ll see what happens.”

Ricciardo’s immediate focus lies in establishing RB as a competitive force within the midfield. While podium finishes may seem ambitious at present, he remains optimistic about the team’s progression throughout the season.

“I’d love to say yes. But the truth is we’re trying to certainly build something right now. I think this is the year when a team really tries to establish themselves and kind of stand on their own two feet.

“And then try to establish a fight towards the front of the midfield. I think podiums are a little bit of a, probably a wish, at the moment, more than maybe a reality but as the year goes on, I think we will progress then, hopefully challenge closer to the front.”

As Ricciardo and RB embark on their journey for success in 2024, the Formula 1 landscape awaits eagerly to witness their progress and potential breakthroughs on the track.

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