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Daniel Ricciardo’s Prudent Delay in F1 Return at Qatar GP: Insights from Red Bull’s Christian Horner

In a revealing update from Red Bull, Christian Horner discusses Daniel Ricciardo’s eagerness to return at the Qatar Grand Prix and the strategic decision to postpone his comeback for health reasons. This decision was vindicated by the grueling conditions faced at the race.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite his readiness to rejoin the F1 grid and intense preparation, Daniel Ricciardo’s return was carefully postponed to prioritize his long-term health and career prospects.
  • The Qatar Grand Prix presented extreme challenges, including high humidity and physical strain, validating the decision to delay Ricciardo’s return.
  • With a secure contract for the upcoming year and a skilled substitute, Liam Lawson, both Horner and AlphaTauri chose to focus on a sustainable and safer comeback for Ricciardo, targeting his return at the United States Grand Prix.

The 2023 Qatar Grand Prix tested the limits of F1 drivers, exposing them to severe conditions that included partial vision loss, vomiting, and acute dehydration due to high humidity. Daniel Ricciardo, in recovery from a hand injury incurred at Zandvoort, was initially slated to make his return during this arduous race. However, he communicated with his substitute, Liam Lawson, indicating a further delay in his return, with sights set on the United States GP.

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s principal, shared his thoughts on the situation: “I think it was right to miss this race, particularly as it turned out with the conditions that we had,” as reported by Autosport. This statement highlights the potential risks Ricciardo could have faced in Qatar.

Looking ahead, Horner added, “Austin [the next round], obviously it’s going to be difficult for him to jump straight back into a sprint race weekend but I’m sure he’ll be physically in good shape to take that on.”

AlphaTauri has maintained that Ricciardo’s return should be based on his comfort and readiness. Post his departure from McLaren, Ricciardo took a sabbatical and then re-entered F1 with AlphaTauri, dedicating himself to extensive simulator training and progressively approaching full race distances.

Horner further elaborated: “Of course, he was wanting to come back but he has a contract secured for next year [with AlphaTauri] and in Liam, we’ve got such a great sub. It was also a good way of giving him another grand prix without actually putting unnecessary pressure and potential longer-term damage on Dan to say, ‘Look, don’t overstretch it’.”

This cautious approach, as Horner acknowledged, was crucial, especially considering the demanding conditions at the Qatar GP. He concluded, “To have had that extra 12 days in the run-up to Austin is the best preparation,” emphasizing the importance of Ricciardo’s health and readiness for his future races.

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