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F1 Academy Partners with Champions Of The Future to Boost Junior Series and Female Participation

In a landmark decision, F1 Academy has announced a collaboration with Champions Of The Future to launch a new junior series aimed at increasing female participation in motorsports. This partnership marks a significant step in promoting gender diversity within the sport.

Key Takeaways:

  • New Partnership: F1 Academy and Champions Of The Future (COTF) are teaming up to launch the Champions of the Future Academy Program (COTFA), designed to encourage more female participation in motorsports. The initiative includes participants from the Discover Your Drive program.
  • Support and Financial Relief: The COTFA will feature cost control measures like capping entry fees and implementing an engine and chassis lottery system, aimed at reducing financial barriers for competitors.
  • Promising Opportunities and Exposure: The new series will consist of three mixed-gender categories for different age groups. F1 Academy will financially support three female drivers in each category. The top performers in the Senior category will get a chance to test with the official F1 Academy.

The recent announcement by F1 Academy, in partnership with Champions Of The Future (COTF), marks a groundbreaking move in the world of motorsports. This collaboration aims to launch the Champions of the Future Academy Program (COTFA), a junior series designed to bolster female participation in the sport. The initiative is part of a global effort to eliminate barriers that have historically hindered smooth participation in karting and racing, especially for young girls.

One of the critical aspects of COTFA is the implementation of cost control measures. These measures include a limit on entry fees and an innovative engine and chassis lottery system, significantly reducing the financial burden on participants. Such initiatives are crucial in making motorsports more accessible to a broader range of aspiring racers, particularly those facing financial challenges.

The series will be divided into three mixed-gender categories: Minis for ages 8-11, Juniors for ages 11-14, and Seniors for ages 14-17. Competitors in these categories will have the opportunity to participate in six doubleheader race weekends worldwide, with at least one race occurring outside Europe. This international exposure is vital for nurturing young talents and providing them with diverse racing experiences.

Furthermore, the F1 Academy’s commitment to supporting three female drivers in each category is a commendable move. These drivers will receive financial assistance with entry fees and will participate in the series wearing race suits and driving karts adorned with F1 Academy branding. This not only aids in reducing financial strains but also offers significant exposure to the participants. The top female drivers in the Seniors category will have the added incentive of being invited to an official F1 Academy test, opening doors to further opportunities in their racing careers.

In the upcoming 2024 season, the F1 Academy will incorporate the COFTA platform into its calendar, highlighting its ‘Discover Your Drive’ initiative, which focuses on youth participation and talent identification. The collaboration with Champions of the Future President James Geidel and Susie Wolff in supporting talent identification at junior levels further emphasizes the commitment to nurturing young talent, especially in identifying promising karters with the potential to advance through the junior levels.

Looking ahead, F1 Academy’s focus is not only on increasing the presence of female talent on the track but also off it. The COTFA is a testament to the academy’s dedication to making motorsport accessible to young talents, especially girls aspiring to carve out a future in this exciting and dynamic sport. This initiative marks a significant stride towards achieving greater gender diversity and inclusivity in motorsports, paving the way for a more equitable and diverse racing community.

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