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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Addresses Team Dynamics Post-Collision with George Russell at Qatar Grand Prix

In a recent statement, Lewis Hamilton has opened up about his relationship with teammate George Russell following their collision at the Qatar Grand Prix. Hamilton reassured fans and the media alike, affirming the strength of their partnership despite the on-track incident.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lewis Hamilton and George Russell maintain a strong team relationship post-collision, focusing on open communication and common team objectives.
  • Hamilton accepted his role in the incident, acknowledging the risk in his aggressive overtaking move, while stressing that it did not impact his rapport with Russell.
  • Pre-race discussions about differing tyre strategies for Hamilton and Russell did not prevent the collision, but both drivers understood the potential risks and benefits involved.

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time World Champion, candidly discussed the collision with George Russell at the Qatar Grand Prix, which sparked widespread speculation about the dynamics within the Mercedes team. Despite this on-track clash, Hamilton emphasized his ongoing “great relationship” with Russell, dispelling any notion of internal discord.

Speaking to Sky Italy, Hamilton took on a mature stance, accepting responsibility for the incident. He said, “I’m happy to take responsibility as the older guy. I don’t think George had anywhere to go at that point. I was trying to get ahead of both of them and just an unfortunate situation.” His statement reflects an acknowledgement of the aggressive move he attempted, which he deemed as a “big risk” with a consequential “big penalty.”

Hamilton further underscored the solidarity between himself and Russell, dismissing any rumors of a rift. He elaborated, “The relationship isn’t broken. I don’t have any problems with George, we have a great relationship, we work and we always talk about things. So this is definitely unfortunate and I’m sure he was frustrated in the moment like I was. But we will talk about it offline and we move forwards. As I said, just apologies to all of the team.”

The race highlighted differing tyre strategies for the two Mercedes drivers, a tactical decision discussed beforehand. Recalling their conversation, Hamilton shared, “Before the race we knew we had different tyres so he [Russell] was like ‘let’s just work together today’. So we were talking about just working together. It was not our plan to come together.” This pre-race strategy, however, did not prevent the collision, illustrating the unpredictability inherent in racing.

Bradley Lord, Mercedes communications director, reflected on the incident, stating, “Then, in the moment, they all just ran out of space. George obviously had nowhere to go, Lewis tried to take his line and we saw what happened. Unfortunately, these things can happen and you can’t programme everything, even with a discussion beforehand.”

Despite the early setback, Russell’s skillful recovery to finish fourth, along with other race outcomes, enabled Mercedes to extend their lead over Ferrari in the constructors’ championship. This result underlines the team’s adaptability and resilience in the face of unexpected race day challenges.

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