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Fresh Start for Nyck de Vries: From AlphaTauri Fallout to Formula E Comeback with Mahindra

Nyck de Vries, previously with AlphaTauri in F1, has opened up about his new racing journey with Mahindra in Formula E. His move comes after an abrupt end to his short stint in Formula 1, sparking a fresh start in his career.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sudden Shift: Nyck de Vries, after a brief 10-race stint with AlphaTauri, is set to start anew, aiming to “reset and look forward” in his racing career.
  • F1 Dreams Derailed: Initially seen as a potential standout in AlphaTauri and tipped to outperform Yuki Tsunoda, de Vries’s F1 journey was cut short in favor of Daniel Ricciardo.
  • New Chapter in Formula E: De Vries joins Mahindra for the 2023/24 Formula E season, marking his return to a series where he previously won the championship.

Nyck de Vries’s tenure in Formula 1 with AlphaTauri was a rollercoaster of high expectations and sudden turns. Signed post an impressive performance at the 2022 Italian Grand Prix with Williams, de Vries was projected as a rising star in the team. Yet, after just 10 races, his Formula 1 career took an unexpected detour as Red Bull chose Daniel Ricciardo over him, a decision that stirred controversy in the racing community.

Despite the abrupt end to his F1 dream, de Vries displayed remarkable grace and professionalism. He acknowledged the pain of the experience but thanked AlphaTauri and Red Bull for the opportunity. His maturity in handling this setback highlights his character and resilience as a racer.

Nearly three months after his F1 exit, a new opportunity has emerged for de Vries with Mahindra in the 2023/24 Formula E season. This return to Formula E, where he previously claimed the 2020/21 championship title, symbolizes a significant comeback for him. In a conversation with The Race, de Vries expressed his renewed motivation and eagerness to get back on the track, indicating a positive mindset shift after his F1 ordeal.

This transition to Mahindra isn’t just about changing teams but also reuniting with influential figures from his past. One such figure is Tony Ross, the engineering chief at Mercedes EQ, who previously worked with de Vries. Their reunion at Mahindra is seen as a pivotal factor in de Vries’s decision to join the team. Speaking about Ross, de Vries shared:

“I felt like I had enough time to assess what happened and to reset and to move forward. I’m truly excited and I can literally feel fresh motivation to get back to racing,” and regarding Ross, he added, “Tony showed up in our first call. I mean, unexpectedly,” said De Vries. “That was a very happy surprise. Tony and I had the chance to work together at Mercedes and I think we respected each other a lot. I have a lot of belief and faith in Tony. He has a great kind of track record and history. In racing, he’s done everything and he not only brings a lot of knowledge and expertise, but also a certain mindset.”

As Nyck de Vries embarks on this new chapter in his racing career, his journey exemplifies the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of motorsport careers. His story of resilience and adaptability serves as an inspiration, reminding us that even in the face of setbacks, new opportunities can lead to exciting chapters.

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