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Giedo van der Garde Dismisses Verstappen’s Singapore GP Concerns Amid Stellar Season

In a recent analysis, former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde addressed Max Verstappen’s apprehensions about the Singapore Grand Prix, contrasting them with his outstanding performance in the 2023 season. Van der Garde, while acknowledging Verstappen’s record-breaking streak, suggested a bright outlook for the Dutch driver despite his reservations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Max Verstappen’s Stellar Season: Red Bull’s dominance is clear in the 2023 season, with Verstappen securing twelve victories and teammate Perez winning two. This performance sets an impressive backdrop against Verstappen’s own uncertainties about the upcoming Singapore GP.
  • Verstappen’s Singapore GP Doubts: Despite the winning streak, Verstappen expressed concerns about the Singapore race, highlighting the challenges of street circuits and the potential competition from his teammate Perez.
  • Van der Garde’s Analysis: Former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde analyzed Verstappen’s recent comments and performance. Van der Garde praised Verstappen’s confidence and ease in racing, suggesting his winning streak might continue despite Verstappen’s own doubts about the Singapore GP.

In an interesting turn of events in the 2023 Formula 1 season, former driver and now pundit Giedo van der Garde has offered a different perspective on Max Verstappen’s recent comments about the Singapore Grand Prix. While Verstappen has been breaking records with his exceptional performance, his own uncertainties about the upcoming race in Singapore have become a topic of discussion in the F1 community.

Red Bull Racing’s performance this season is nothing short of phenomenal. Max Verstappen, leading the charge, has claimed twelve victories, contributing to the team’s unbroken winning streak. His teammate, Sergio Perez, has also been instrumental, securing two wins. This collective effort places Red Bull in an enviable position in the championship standings.

However, despite this impressive track record, Verstappen recently shared his concerns with the media about the upcoming Singapore GP. He noted, “A little bit more difficult, I think for us. But we’ll see. We’ll do our best, and of course, we’ll try to go in there and try to win it again. But it’s not, let’s say, going to be the strongest weekend for us.” This statement reflects a cautious approach towards the challenging street circuit of Singapore, where his teammate Perez might have an edge.

Reacting to these comments and reflecting on Verstappen’s performance, Giedo van der Garde provided his analysis. Speaking to, van der Garde praised Verstappen’s current form, saying, “The fact that it is a new record is of course great. I know how difficult it is to even get there, to win a race and to win a championship. And Max just manages to win ten races in a row. Yes, that is simply unprecedented. I always say, he has so much confidence, it comes so easily to him. I think it’s great to see what we are experiencing now in the Netherlands with those ten victories.”

Further addressing Verstappen’s doubts about the Singapore circuit, van der Garde remained optimistic. He said, “Where will it stop? He could make it thirteen or fourteen. Look, the confidence is there. Singapore is of course coming, that is not his favourite circuit. But on the other hand, there is so much confidence, he is doing well. And he does it in such a superior way that it could really go on and on. So instead of him raising ten fingers in a moment, he only has to raise two fingers then he makes eleven. Or, you know, he can walk to Perez’s car, which of course has number eleven. So yes, I think he will take a few more.”

As the Formula 1 circus heads to Singapore, the questions around Verstappen’s performance add an intriguing dimension to what has been a season of clear dominance by the Dutch driver and his team. Van der Garde’s insights not only highlight Verstappen’s current form but also underscore the unpredictability and excitement inherent in the world of Formula 1 racing.

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