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Is Lewis Hamilton Set for Success at Ferrari? Mika Hakkinen Weighs In on the Challenge Ahead

Former F1 champion Mika Hakkinen shares his insights on Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, a decision fraught with both potential and challenges. His perspective highlights the intricacies of Hamilton’s shift after a long tenure with Mercedes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Transition Challenges: Hakkinen emphasizes the significant shift for Hamilton, moving from a “British team” like Mercedes to an Italian outfit like Ferrari. He notes the change in team philosophy and working style as potential hurdles for Hamilton.
  • Ferrari’s Performance Prospects: Despite Ferrari’s long title drought, Hakkinen believes Hamilton sees an opportunity with them. However, success hinges on Ferrari’s ability to overcome their recent shortcomings and provide a competitive car.
  • New Dynamics and Opportunities: Hakkinen points out that Hamilton’s arrival at Ferrari creates new dynamics within the team, especially with Charles Leclerc. This move also shakes up the driver market, opening opportunities for other drivers.

Former Formula 1 world champion Mika Hakkinen has voiced his thoughts on Lewis Hamilton’s impending move to Ferrari next year, predicting it won’t be a straightforward endeavor. The move marks a significant transition for Hamilton, who has been a dominant force with Mercedes for nearly a decade, winning six of his seven world titles there.

Hamilton’s decision to join Ferrari, a team that has not won a driver’s championship since Kimi Raikkonen’s victory in 2007, comes with its own set of challenges. Hakkinen, speaking to, acknowledged Hamilton’s desire for victory, speculating that perhaps he feels Mercedes can no longer provide a winning car. He noted, “I can see that he wants to win, of course, like everybody else wants to win. […] Probably he’s seeing the opportunity that, with Ferrari, they can bring him a car where he can win.”

However, Hakkinen also highlighted the complexity of Hamilton’s switch, especially considering the cultural and operational shift from Mercedes to Ferrari. “To now change to an Italian team, where he doesn’t have experience, it can be quite a big change for him – to understand the philosophy, and how they work,” Hakkinen said. This sentiment underscores the nuances of F1 team dynamics and the potential impact on a driver’s performance.

Discussing Hamilton’s potential for clinching another title, Hakkinen pointed out that much depends on Ferrari’s capability to resolve their recent issues and deliver a competitive car. “If they’re able to build the car and fix the problems that they have, then there is a possibility,” he explained.

Additionally, the Finnish former champion remarked on the competitive landscape within Ferrari. With Charles Leclerc already established at Ferrari, Hamilton’s integration into the team dynamics poses another layer of complexity. Leclerc, described by Hakkinen as “a very talented young driver,” means that Hamilton’s path to victories won’t be as clear-cut as in his previous years.

In summary, Mika Hakkinen’s assessment of Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari encapsulates the multifaceted nature of such a significant career change. While the opportunity for further success exists, the transition brings with it a host of new challenges, both within the team and in the broader F1 landscape.

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