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Lando Norris Hails McLaren’s Remarkable Performance at Japanese GP with Double Podium Finish

In a triumphant outing at the Japanese Grand Prix, Lando Norris celebrated McLaren’s double podium, securing second place. His performance underscored McLaren’s competitive edge in the 2023 season, marking a significant moment for the team and its drivers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lando Norris achieved his fourth P2 finish this season, highlighting his and the team’s effort and an impressive start in the race. He nearly overtook Max Verstappen, illustrating the team’s growing prowess.
  • Norris acknowledged Max Verstappen’s dominance but remained hopeful for McLaren’s future, suggesting a victory could be on the horizon. His comments reflect a positive outlook for the team’s progression in Formula 1.
  • The British driver praised teammate Oscar Piastri, celebrating the rookie’s first podium in Formula One. This achievement denotes a significant milestone for Piastri and strengthens the team dynamic at McLaren.

During the post-race interview with Damon Hill, Lando Norris shared his enthusiasm and appreciation for the team’s effort. “Another amazing day for us, P2 and P3. So, I couldn’t have asked for any more. The team did an amazing job. My start was very good, I almost had Max [Verstappen] but Max is Max, as well,” Norris remarked, highlighting both his near success in challenging Verstappen and his satisfaction with the team’s overall performance.

Despite their impressive showing, Norris remained realistic about the team’s current standing compared to Red Bull Racing. “The pace was extremely strong today, comparing to everyone and I mean, we’re not close to Max, but we’re not miles away either. So it was a very good day,” he stated, recognizing the gap yet maintaining a positive perspective on McLaren’s progress.

Norris’s joy was not just for his own achievement but also for his teammate’s success. He expressed genuine happiness for Oscar Piastri’s first podium finish in Formula One: “I’m very happy also for Oscar’s first podium in Formula One. So congrats to him.”

Looking ahead, Norris reflected optimistically on McLaren’s future, believing in continuous improvement and the potential for even better results. “We’re getting closer all the time. So maybe the next one is going to be one better than that. Like I said, I’m very proud of the team. The steps forward we are making every weekend. I’m sure there’s gonna be some tough times to come, but we’re getting there. Step by step and first of all podium together with Oscar. So yeah, a good moment for us. Great Race,” he concluded.

Norris’s sentiments after the Japanese GP reveal a blend of satisfaction, realism, and hopeful anticipation, suggesting that McLaren is on an upward trajectory in the competitive world of Formula 1.

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