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Lewis Hamilton Praises Verstappen’s Impressive Stint in F1: A Shift in Rivalry Dynamics

In a significant shift in Formula 1’s competitive landscape, Lewis Hamilton recently lauded Max Verstappen for his “extraordinary job” at Red Bull Racing. This commendation reflects the evolving dynamics of their once-intense rivalry post-2021.

Key Takeaways:

  • Changed Dynamics of Rivalry: The once fiery competition between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has cooled off since 2021. Hamilton acknowledges Verstappen’s exceptional performance and leadership at Red Bull Racing, marking a distinct change in their rivalry and the overall F1 competitive environment.
  • Contrasting Fortunes Since 2021: Lewis Hamilton’s journey in F1 post-2021 has been markedly different from Verstappen’s. Hamilton has not won a race since the 2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, while Verstappen has triumphed 29 times, indicating a major shift in their respective performances and their teams’ dynamics.
  • Equity Among Champions: Despite the unique achievements of Hamilton, Verstappen, and Alonso, Hamilton views the competitive field as relatively level. He acknowledges the different challenges each driver faces, highlighting a sense of solidarity and respect among the competitors.

The 2021 Formula 1 season remains etched in the annals of the sport as one of the most electrifying, characterized by the fierce battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. However, the narrative since then has markedly changed. Hamilton’s winless period since the 2021 Saudi Arabia race stands in stark contrast to Verstappen’s exceptional streak of 29 victories. This divergence is not just a reflection of individual prowess but also a testament to the evolving team dynamics within the sport.

Lewis Hamilton, reflecting on this change, commended Verstappen’s performance in a recent interview with, saying, “What do you want to hear? All I can say is: ‘Keep doing what you are doing’. Max is doing an extraordinary job at Red Bull at the moment.” These words highlight a significant shift in Hamilton’s perspective, showcasing a blend of sportsmanship and recognition of Verstappen’s dominance.

In 2023, while the trio of Hamilton, Verstappen, and Fernando Alonso, all former world champions, are showcasing exceptional skill and competitiveness, Hamilton’s view on the competitive disparity is notably humble and inclusive. He remarked, “I would never say that. All the drivers who are here are doing well, but everyone has different demands, expectations, and challenges. I see a lot of similarities between young Lewis and the young drivers of today. That’s great. Fernando, Max and I are generally competitive and will go furthest to achieve our goals. About their personalities, I can’t say anything. I have never sat in the living room with them.”

This statement not only underscores Hamilton’s sportsmanship but also his understanding of the varied challenges and expectations within the field of Formula 1 racing. Hamilton’s acknowledgment of the changing dynamics, both in terms of his rivalry with Verstappen and the overall competition, paints a picture of an evolving sport where respect among competitors and recognition of their diverse challenges plays a crucial role.

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