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Magnussen Calls for One-Lap Qualifying Shootout to Boost F1’s Carbon Neutrality Goal

In a recent team preview, Haas F1 driver Kevin Magnussen proposed a significant change to the qualifying format, suggesting a one-lap shootout system. His idea aims to reduce tyre usage as Formula One strives for carbon neutrality by 2030.

Key Takeaways:

  • Qualifying Format Proposal: Kevin Magnussen has proposed a shift in the F1 qualifying format to a one-lap shootout per driver. This suggestion is in line with F1’s efforts to reduce environmental impact and aligns with its carbon neutrality goal for 2030.
  • Alternative Tyre Allocation System: The current ‘Alternative Tyre Allocation’ system, trialed at the Hungarian Grand Prix, involves drivers using different tyre compounds in each qualifying stage. Magnussen expressed that this system had little impact in Hungary and suggested his alternative approach.
  • Haas and the Italian Grand Prix: Heading into the Italian Grand Prix, Haas sits in eighth in the constructors’ standings. The team will participate in the practice sessions and qualifying, leading up to the Monza Grand Prix, with the new qualifying format in focus.

Haas F1 team driver Kevin Magnussen has recently brought a fresh perspective to the table concerning Formula One’s qualifying format. His proposal, which came ahead of the Italian Grand Prix weekend, revolves around a one-lap shootout for each driver during qualifying. This innovative idea is aimed at reducing the number of tyres used over a race weekend, thereby contributing to F1’s ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

The context of Magnussen’s suggestion comes as F1 is experimenting with new formats to enhance both the sport’s competitiveness and environmental sustainability. The ‘Alternative Tyre Allocation’ system, implemented in the Hungarian Grand Prix, dictated specific tyre compounds for each qualifying session but received a lukewarm response from the drivers. Magnussen remarked on this system, stating, “I don’t think it made a big difference in Hungary, other than a little bit less running in practice.”

Expanding on his idea, Magnussen proposed a return to a previous style of qualifying, where drivers had just one chance to set their best time, thereby reducing tyre usage significantly. He elaborated, “I think a good way of reducing the number of tires we use is probably to look at the qualifying format and look at doing a shoot-out, just one lap per driver, like back in the day. That would save four sets at least.” This concept not only challenges drivers to deliver under pressure but also aligns with the sport’s sustainability initiatives.

As the F1 circus moves to the historic Monza circuit, all eyes will be on the new formats and strategies teams adopt. Haas, currently in a tight contest in the constructors’ championship, will be looking to capitalize on any advantages these changes may bring. With the Italian Grand Prix poised to be a pivotal race in the calendar, Magnussen’s comments add an intriguing dimension to the ongoing debate about the future of F1’s qualifying format.

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