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Valtteri Bottas Sets Terms for Mercedes Comeback: Eyeing a Long-Term Future Beyond 2024

In a recent revelation, Valtteri Bottas has laid out his conditions for a possible return to Mercedes, focusing on a long-term contract. The Sauber driver’s current contract ends in 2024, sparking discussions about his next move in the F1 world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Valtteri Bottas, currently with Sauber, is open to rejoining Mercedes but under one crucial condition: the deal must be for multiple years, as he is not interested in short-term contracts.
  • Bottas is willing to modify his approach if it means being part of a team that’s in the race for the title. However, he insists on maintaining his individual racing style and principles.
  • The departure of Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes to Ferrari has heightened the search for his successor. Among several potential candidates, Bottas stands out due to his previous successful tenure with Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas has been a notable figure in the F1 circuit, particularly during his time with Mercedes from 2017 to 2021. His role was instrumental in the team’s success, making him a strong contender to return and fill the gap left by Lewis Hamilton, who recently announced his move to Ferrari. This shift has led to increased speculation about who will partner with George Russell at Mercedes, and Bottas’s name is prominently featured in these discussions.

Speaking candidly in an interview with, Bottas humorously mentioned that he hasn’t yet been contacted by Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ team principal, about a potential reunion. Bottas’s stance is clear; he’s open to discussions with Mercedes, provided they involve a long-term commitment. The Finnish driver expressed his thoughts candidly:

“No, actually [haven’t heard from Toto Wolff]! I think he’s been busy. Nothing so far! [I’d] only [return to Mercedes] if it was a lot more than a one-year contract. If it was a one-year deal, then it wouldn’t make sense for me. But, for long-term, of course there could be a discussion.”

This declaration by Bottas adds an interesting dynamic to the ongoing speculations surrounding Mercedes’ lineup for the upcoming seasons. Toto Wolff, Mercedes CEO, has indicated that the decision for Hamilton’s replacement will not be rushed. Various names have been tossed around as potential candidates, including Mercedes junior Andrea Kimi Antonelli, Alpine driver Esteban Ocon, Williams’ Alex Albon, and the three-time champion Max Verstappen.

The Finnish driver’s future in F1 post-2024 remains a hot topic. His successful history with Mercedes, combined with his recent performance at Sauber, makes him a strong contender. The F1 community awaits further developments, as the sport continues to evolve with new alliances and unexpected shifts in team dynamics.

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