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Win a £100k Red Bull RB19 Simulator: F1 Authentics’ Exciting Mystery Box Campaign

In an innovative campaign, F1 Authentics announced the release of exclusive Mystery Boxes, offering the grand prize of a £100k Red Bull RB19 Simulator. This rare opportunity has captured the attention of the Formula 1 fan community, leading to a rapid sale of most of the available boxes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Exclusive Campaign by F1 Authentics: The initiative features Mystery Boxes, each potentially holding the key to a Red Bull RB19 Simulator, valued at an impressive £100,000.
  • Limited Availability Creating Buzz: Of the 500 boxes released, 300 have already been sold, indicating high demand and leaving only 200 boxes for enthusiastic collectors.
  • Anticipation Builds for Grand Reveal: The winner of the coveted simulator will be announced after the sale of all boxes, each priced at £999, adding to the excitement and anticipation among the fans.

F1 Authentics, a branch of the UK-based Memento Exclusives, has recently unveiled an enticing offer that has piqued the interest of Formula 1 aficionados worldwide. The company, known for its high-quality sports memorabilia, has rolled out a limited series of Mystery Boxes. Each box, priced at £999, is packed with a variety of F1 memorabilia, ranging from race-used items to autographed collectibles, with each item valued at up to £18,000.

The centerpiece of this campaign is the opportunity to win an Oracle Red Bull Racing RB19 Simulator, a prized asset priced at £100,000. This draw is set to occur once all 500 boxes have been sold, intensifying the eagerness among the community. Currently, with 300 of these boxes already in the hands of quick-moving fans, only 200 remain, escalating the sense of urgency to participate.

Barry Gough, the CEO and Founder of F1 Authentics and Memento Exclusives, expressed his excitement about this unique initiative, saying: “Our Mystery Box campaign is one of the most exciting projects we’ve worked on with our F1 Authentics brand. Not only do fans get a variety of exclusive pieces when buying one, but they get the added excitement of potentially winning a Simulator. This largescale giveaway highlights the growth of our business and brands.”

This campaign is not just a mere acquisition of exclusive F1 memorabilia; it symbolizes a chance to bring home a part of the thrilling world of Formula 1. With only a limited number of Mystery Boxes remaining, the frenzy among enthusiasts is palpable. This event is a testament to the increasing intersection of sports memorabilia and interactive fan experiences, setting a new benchmark in the realm of sports collectibles.

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