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Alpine’s Bruno Famin Offers Engine Supply to Andretti Cadillac: A Potential Game-Changer for Formula 1

Alpine's interim team principal expresses interest in powering Andretti's Formula 1 journey, as the newcomer navigates challenges and controversies.

In the fast-paced world of Formula 1, alliances and partnerships play a pivotal role in shaping the future of racing. The latest development in this ever-evolving landscape involves Alpine’s interim team principal, Bruno Famin, who has extended a welcoming hand to Andretti Cadillac, expressing Alpine’s willingness to supply power units should the newcomer, Andretti Cadillac, successfully secure a spot on the Formula 1 grid. This potential collaboration has set the motorsport community buzzing with anticipation, as it could mark a significant turning point for both Alpine and Andretti Cadillac.

The journey towards Andretti’s inclusion in the Formula 1 world has not been without its share of controversies and scrutiny. Formula One Management has closely examined Andretti’s F1 entry, which has faced challenges and protests from various team bosses and stakeholders within Formula 1. Despite these hurdles, the FIA gave Andretti Cadillac the green light to join the sport as the eleventh team, adding an intriguing chapter to the sport’s history.

Prior discussions between Alpine and Andretti had revolved around the possibility of an engine supply agreement. However, Alpine clarified its position last month, revealing that the pre-contract agreement had expired. In accordance with Formula 1 regulations, if a team finds itself without an engine partner, the responsibility falls on the manufacturer with the fewest customer teams to step in and supply the necessary engines.

As of now, Alpine exclusively provides power units for its factory team. However, the landscape of Formula 1 power unit suppliers is set to undergo significant changes with the introduction of new regulations in 2026. Audi is gearing up to become a power unit supplier for its team, while Honda is set to make a return to the grid in collaboration with Aston Martin.

If this collaborative venture between Alpine and Andretti comes to fruition, it could see Andretti Cadillac enter Formula 1 alongside General Motors and its Cadillac division. General Motors has already registered as a power unit supplier, although its actual entry into Formula 1 is anticipated in 2028, potentially three years after Andretti establishes its presence on the grid.

In the ever-evolving world of Formula 1, partnerships and strategic alliances can redefine the competitive landscape. The potential collaboration between Alpine and Andretti Cadillac represents a fascinating development that could shape the future of this high-octane sport.

Famin remarked that in the preceding period, circumstances remained uncertain as the FIA’s approval for Andretti Cadillac was pending. Now, with a more favorable outlook, Alpine has reached out to the American team. Famin conveyed this development in a conversation with

“We are talking to Andretti and to General Motors.

“If they have an entry we are happy to resume the talks. For the time being it’s a bit on standby but not due to us.

“It’s because the time and the length of the process is much longer than expected. First on the FIA side, the FIA took much more time to answer than they said they would at the beginning.

“The ball is on the Formula 1 side. If they have an entry we are happy to discuss with somebody.

“What I said last time is that we had a pre-contract. The pre-contract has expired.

“Factually right now we don’t have any commitment or any legal commitment with them, but we’re happy to talk to them and to see what we can do together.

“If they have an entry, it’s because they will have demonstrated that they will bring you a lot of added value to Formula 1 and that the value of the championship on all the teams will not be diluted due to that.”

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