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Aston Martin Keen on Retaining Fernando Alonso’s Expertise Beyond 2024

In a significant revelation, Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack has praised Fernando Alonso’s distinct qualities in Formula 1. Highlighting his vast experience and strategic skills, Krack expressed the team’s desire to keep Alonso, renowned as an “old fox,” beyond his current contract.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aston Martin’s Praise for Alonso: Team principal Mike Krack commended Fernando Alonso for his exceptional racecraft and experience. This appreciation is a testament to Alonso’s value to the team, as they consider extending his contract.
  • Alonso’s Career Crossroads: As the end of his contract in 2024 approaches, Alonso is at a critical point in his career. His decision will significantly impact both his future and that of Aston Martin.
  • Strategic Masterclass in Jeddah: Krack highlighted Alonso’s skillful management in the Jeddah race, particularly in how he strategically kept George Russell at bay. This example underlines Alonso’s importance to the team’s strategy and success.

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack has been vocal about Fernando Alonso’s unique attributes that set him apart as a Formula 1 racer. Describing him as an “old fox,” Krack emphasized that Alonso’s speed and two decades of experience are invaluable assets. As Alonso’s contract nears its end in 2024, there’s a growing interest from Aston Martin to retain the 42-year-old driver for future seasons.

Krack shared his insights into what makes Alonso an integral part of the team, citing the Spaniard’s all-rounder qualities that have positively impacted the team since he replaced Sebastian Vettel. Krack’s admiration was evident as he elaborated on Alonso’s contributions:

“We’ve seen that last year already when he joined. It’s not only what he brings in terms of proven talent and racecraft; that, I think, we don’t have to discuss. He brings this extra to the team, driving and pushing and motivating everybody. And leading by example, from the first moment in the morning to late at night, which is exemplary. And this is something that is infecting the whole team, that is something that you want to preserve.”

Alonso’s prowess was particularly noticeable during the race in Jeddah, where he managed to keep Mercedes’ George Russell from utilizing DRS for several laps. Krack praised Alonso’s strategic execution, saying:

“It was quite strong. We knew George was behind, he had good speed, and we did not want to let him into the DRS. So it was all the time between 1.5 and 1.0 seconds in between them. And then it is always how much do I manage, and how much do I push to get to the end? But I think he managed it like probably nobody else can. I don’t know where he got the gaps from. In my opinion, he was always on top of the situation.”

Krack also highlighted Alonso’s clever communication skills during the race, further illustrating his “old fox” capabilities:

“He asked for the Plan B, basically. ‘Is there a Plan B?’ Fernando is always teasing you, you have to be careful if he’s really honest about it, because he knows all the strategies before, he knows where all the field is. And sometimes he maybe does it even on purpose, because he knows the competitors are listening. So he’s an old fox. But he always wakes us up. As soon as you think for one lap you can read it, there comes a radio call, and he says, ‘What about Plan B?’, like Fernando always does. So we then had a look at the Plan B, but you will not finish where you finish with Plan B.”

Aston Martin, recognizing Alonso’s immense contribution, is eager to continue their collaboration. However, the final decision rests with Alonso, who is pondering his future in the sport. Krack concluded:

“It’s not a secret that he first of all wants to decide for himself what he wants to do. And I think it’s also not a secret that I keep saying that we want to continue working with Fernando. And I also said that the most important thing is that we give him a quick car. So that he believes in this project, and that he believes in this team, and everything else we will have to discuss over the weeks to come. Now, it is clear that a driver of that calibre is attractive for everybody, but we will try to keep him.”

As the 2024 season looms, the question remains: will Alonso’s legacy continue with Aston Martin, or will this mark the end of an era? Only time will tell.

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