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Brazilian Grand Prix 2024: Wet Weather to Challenge Teams at Interlagos

The Brazilian Grand Prix at the iconic Interlagos Circuit is gearing up for a weekend of challenging weather conditions. With heavy rain forecasted for the initial days and a sunny race day, teams and fans are preparing for an unpredictable and thrilling race weekend.

Key Takeaways:

  • Friday’s Forecast: A challenging day awaits teams with a 90% chance of rain and thunderstorms predicted for Friday. This weather will impact the sole practice session and qualifying, as cars enter parc ferme immediately afterward.
  • Sprint Saturday: With a 66% chance of rain and winds of 10-15mph, Saturday’s sprint race promises to be a chaotic and exciting event, upholding Brazil’s legacy for unpredictable races.
  • Sunny Sunday: In contrast to the wet conditions of the previous days, Sunday’s race day is expected to be sunny, with temperatures around 28°C and only a 14% chance of rain, demanding versatile strategies from the teams.

As the Formula 1 circus descends upon São Paulo for the Brazilian Grand Prix, the notorious Interlagos Circuit is set to present a formidable challenge to teams and drivers alike. The current weather forecast paints a picture of a weekend where adaptability and strategic acumen will be key.

Friday – Free Practice 1 & Qualifying The weekend begins with what is expected to be a tempestuous Friday. According to, the development of afternoon thunderstorms, coupled with a high 90% chance of rain, will test the teams during the all-important practice session and qualifying. The conditions will force teams to make crucial decisions under pressure, as the cars will be in parc ferme conditions immediately following qualifying.

Saturday – Sprint Shootout & Sprint Race Saturday continues the trend with a 66% chance of rain and winds between 10-15mph. The sprint race, a relatively new addition to the F1 weekend, could turn into an even more unpredictable and thrilling spectacle under these conditions. Brazil’s sprint races have historically been a crowd-pleaser, and the potential wet conditions are likely to add an extra layer of excitement.

Sunday – Grand Prix In a stark contrast, Sunday is forecasted to offer sunny skies with temperatures around 28°C. This dramatic shift in weather will pose a unique challenge to the teams, requiring them to strategize for both wet and dry conditions. The adaptability of the cars and the strategic choices made by the teams in these varied conditions could very well be the deciding factor in this weekend’s race.

The Brazilian Grand Prix has always been synonymous with excitement and unpredictability, and the 2024 edition seems set to live up to this reputation. As teams and drivers prepare for the challenges ahead, fans around the world eagerly anticipate what promises to be another memorable weekend in the world of Formula 1.

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