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Carlos Sainz Critiques Challenging Ferrari SF-23, Eyes Improvement in 2024 Season

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz had a challenging year with the SF-23, describing it as a headache-inducing car. Despite the difficulties, he remains optimistic about improvements in the upcoming 2024 season, aiming for a more adaptable and easier-to-drive car.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carlos Sainz expressed his struggles with the Ferrari SF-23, citing it as a complicated and challenging car to drive, which negatively impacted his 2023 season performance.
  • Despite improvements post-summer, Ferrari’s SF-23 failed to compete with Red Bull’s RB19, leading Ferrari to fight for second place in the Constructors’ Championship against Mercedes.
  • Sainz hopes for significant changes in the 2024 Ferrari car, emphasizing the need for versatility, ease of setup, and overall better drivability to enhance race performance.

In an open reflection on the past season, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz detailed the hardships faced while maneuvering the Ferrari SF-23. The car, intended to be a title contender in 2023, turned out to be a source of frustration and headaches for the Spanish driver. His candid confession highlights the intricate challenges that even top-tier drivers face with complex machinery.

The SF-23, Ferrari’s bet for the 2023 championship, began the season with several hurdles, akin to the plight of most teams except Red Bull. Ferrari’s efforts to revamp the car post-summer break improved its pace but fell short in head-to-head competition with Red Bull’s dominating RB19. This led to a tense battle for the second spot in the Constructors’ Championship with Mercedes, a race Ferrari narrowly lost.

Sainz’s lone victory at the Singapore Grand Prix stood out as a singular achievement among non-Red Bull drivers. However, his latest remarks shed light on the inherent difficulties of the SF-23. Describing the car as hard to comprehend and acclimate to, Sainz revealed his dissatisfaction with its performance. This sentiment was echoed in his interview with AS, where he candidly stated, “Honestly, it has given me headaches, not only for me. For my partner, for Ferrari, it’s very difficult to understand.”

The most daunting challenge, as per Sainz, was at the season’s onset in Bahrain. The car’s unpredictability and complexity were evident from the early test runs, indicating a steep uphill battle for the team. Despite these challenges, Sainz believes the team is on the right track for 2024, citing the second half of the season as evidence of Ferrari’s potential to maximize performance under constrained circumstances.

Sainz’s commentary not only offers an insider’s perspective into the rigors of Formula 1 racing but also sets a hopeful tone for Ferrari’s prospects in the 2024 season. With an emphasis on adaptability and ease of setup, there is an anticipation for a significantly better performing car in the upcoming races, potentially changing the dynamics of the championship battle.

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