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Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari Blows Up During Austrian Grand Prix

Lap 59 of the Austrian Grand Prix saw an engine failure for Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz as he was forced to retire from the race.

While edging up to Max Verstappen in P2, the slow-mo shots of the Ferrari showed the engine exploding beneath the side pods of the car as smoke erupted from the rear. As Sainz pulled off the track to the left, the flames started to lick up the side of the car, but with the car being left on a ramp, Sainz couldn’t remove himself from the car without it rolling back onto the track.

Marshalls attempted to put a chock under the wheels, but the car tyres were simply pushing them out the way. But with the flames growing larger and heading towards the cockpit, Sainz had to jump out of the car despite the chances of it rolling back onto the track.

It was finally stopped, and Sainz got out unhurt.

Ferrari teammate and race leader Charles Leclerc is now reporting potential issues with the throttle, and with Red Bull’s Verstappen only 3 seconds behind him in P2, I’m sure Ferrari are praying for the end of the race to come as soon as possible.

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