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Daniel Ricciardo’s Impressive Return to Red Bull’s Fold: Horner’s Insight on the F1 Star’s 2023 Season

In a recent revelation, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner praised Daniel Ricciardo’s impactful return to Formula 1 with AlphaTauri, a Red Bull-owned team. Horner highlighted Ricciardo’s valuable contribution and his journey from being disillusioned with F1 to rekindling his passion for the sport.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ricciardo’s Return and Impact: Daniel Ricciardo’s return to Formula 1 under the Red Bull umbrella has been met with acclaim from Christian Horner. After a brief hiatus and overcoming a hand injury, Ricciardo’s contribution to AlphaTauri has been significant, particularly in terms of engineering direction and experience.
  • Horner’s Appreciation and Insight: Christian Horner expressed his satisfaction with Ricciardo’s performance and his journey from a state of near-retirement to rediscovering his love for F1. Horner’s comments on the Sky F1 podcast reveal the driver’s positive influence on the team.
  • AlphaTauri’s Relationship with Red Bull: Horner clarified the relationship between AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing, emphasizing that AlphaTauri operates independently but benefits from Red Bull’s resources. Both Ricciardo and teammate Yuki Tsunoda are considered Red Bull drivers, ready to step up when needed.

In an intriguing twist of fate, Daniel Ricciardo, a former Red Bull driver, found his way back into the Red Bull sphere, but this time with AlphaTauri, Red Bull’s sister team. Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, spoke highly of Ricciardo’s performance and his valuable contributions to the team. Despite a challenging year marked by a hand injury that sidelined him for five races, Ricciardo’s resilience and skill shone through, earning him Horner’s praise.

On the Sky F1 podcast, Horner expressed his delight at Ricciardo’s return, noting the driver’s initial disinterest in F1 and how he gradually regained his passion. Horner said, “When he came to us, you could see he was pretty much done with F1, he wasn’t enjoying it, but slowly that smile came back, that energy came back, and certainly the test in Silverstone for us was truly impressive.”

Ricciardo’s role in AlphaTauri went beyond just racing; he brought with him a wealth of experience that proved invaluable. Horner acknowledged this, stating, “He put some engineering direction into the team with the experience he had and that really benefited the AlphaTauri team.”

The relationship between AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing is an interesting dynamic in F1. Horner clarified that both teams operate independently but share common shareholders and resources. This setup allows talents like Ricciardo and Tsunoda to be part of the Red Bull roster, ready to contribute whenever necessary. Horner also touched upon the new management at AlphaTauri, with Peter Bayer stepping in as CEO and Laurent Mekies as team principal, signifying a fresh approach and ambition for the team.

Ricciardo’s journey in the 2023 season is a testament to his resilience and skill as a driver. His ability to bounce back from a phase where he was “pretty much done with F1” to being a key player in AlphaTauri’s strategy underscores the unpredictable and ever-evolving nature of Formula 1. Horner’s insights not only highlight Ricciardo’s personal growth but also shed light on the intricate relationship between AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing, two teams with shared roots but distinct paths in the world of Formula 1.

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