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Daniel Ricciardo’s Injury Sidelines Him from F1 Races: David Coulthard Takes the Wheel at Nurburgring

Metacarpal Injury Forces Australian F1 Driver to Miss Dutch GP and Monza Race, Former F1 Driver Coulthard Steps In for Iconic Nurburgring Event

Australian Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo is facing a significant setback in this year’s F1 season due to a metacarpal injury. This injury has caused him to be sidelined for several races, impacting his performance and presence on the track. After being unable to participate in the Dutch Grand Prix, Ricciardo’s absence will continue as he sits out the upcoming Monza race.

A notable development in light of Ricciardo’s absence is the appointment of former F1 driver David Coulthard as his replacement for the iconic Red Bull race at the Nurburgring. Ricciardo was scheduled to drive in this event, which features an old Red Bull F1 car at the legendary Nordschleife Circuit on September 9. Unfortunately, a crash during the second practice session leading up to the Dutch Grand Prix resulted in a metacarpal fracture, forcing him off the track.

The injury requires Ricciardo to undergo surgery and observe a recovery period of at least a month. During this time, his responsibilities for the Grand Prix will be taken over by Liam Lawson, Red Bull’s reserve driver, who recently made an impressive debut in the F1 circuit. The unexpected absence of Ricciardo offers Lawson an opportunity to showcase his skills and potential on the track.

“Unfortunately Daniel Ricciardo can not participate in the Red Bull Formula Nürburgring due to his injury.

“Thirteen-time Grand Prix winner David Coulthard takes over at short notice.”

As for the Nurburgring race, the talented David Coulthard steps in to assume Ricciardo’s duties. Coulthard, a 13-time Grand Prix winner, has been selected to represent Red Bull in this event. The Nordschleife Circuit, in an official statement, expressed its excitement for Coulthard’s participation and indicated that it may be a fulfillment of the driver’s wish to pilot an F1 car this season.

“Dear Christian Horner, please read my PowerPoint for why I should be Daniel’s reserve driver.

* I am quick on track

* I did get Red Bull’s first podium

* The engineers and I already get along

* This would make me the 7th oldest ever F1 driver”

Interestingly, Coulthard’s involvement in the Nurburgring event appears to be connected to a social media exchange. Coulthard had previously posted on Instagram, addressing Red Bull boss Christian Horner. In this post, he shared that he had submitted a PowerPoint presentation to outline his qualifications and reasons for becoming Ricciardo’s reserve driver. Horner’s response, however, was less than receptive, indicating a level of skepticism.

“Dear DC,

“Thank you for your application and despite the significant amount of crash damage at numerous races you created, we might now need a reserve and as the silver fox of the paddock, you would at least make Fernando Alonso feel young again.

“Best wishes Christian”

Despite this, Coulthard’s selection for the Nurburgring race stands as a testament to his persistence and skill. Whether the PowerPoint presentation played a role in this decision is uncertain, but Coulthard’s opportunity to drive at the Nordschleife Circuit is undoubtedly well-deserved.

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