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Daniel Ricciardo’s Recovery: Red Bull’s Road to Qatar Grand Prix and Beyond

Christian Horner's Insights and a Contract Extension Bring Hope for Fans

Red Bull’s Australian driver, Daniel Ricciardo, has been the center of attention in the Formula 1 community due to his recent injury and the subsequent absence from the last four Grands Prix. Team Chief Christian Horner recently shed light on Ricciardo’s condition and the ongoing recovery process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Daniel Ricciardo sustained a broken metacarpal during the second practice session of the Dutch GP, forcing him to miss three full race weekends.
  • Red Bull’s reserve driver, Liam Lawson, stepped in for Ricciardo during his absence and delivered impressive performances.
  • Despite Ricciardo’s eagerness to return for the Qatar GP, Horner suggests a more cautious approach and hints at a potential comeback for the Austin race.

Daniel Ricciardo’s unfortunate accident at the Dutch GP in August not only dealt a blow to the Red Bull team but also left AlphaTauri without one of its star drivers. This incident occurred just two races after Ricciardo had replaced rookie Nyck de Vries. Since then, young talent Liam Lawson has been entrusted with filling Ricciardo’s shoes, and he has managed to turn heads with his remarkable performances on the track.

Regarding Ricciardo’s potential return for the upcoming Qatar GP, Horner remarked to Sky Sports F1:

“I would say probably less likely than likely at the moment.” 

Horner further elaborated on the recovery process, stating:

“His recuperation is going well but he’s fixed in the seat for next year, does he need to rush a hasty return for Qatar where maybe another couple of weeks for Austin, which is a hell of a bumpy circuit anyway, it might be better to use that time in preparation for Austin.”

Despite the setback, there is a silver lining for Daniel Ricciardo. In the midst of his recovery, he has secured his future with AlphaTauri by signing a contract extension. This extension ensures that Ricciardo will continue to race for the team in 2024, cementing his commitment to the AlphaTauri project.

“I know he’s got his sights fixed on Qatar, he’ll drive the simulator next week and then we’ll make some decisions based on that,” he added.

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