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Ecclestone’s Critical Analysis of F1: Hamilton’s Unforeseen Defeat and Verstappen’s Triumph

In a striking critique, Bernie Ecclestone, former CEO of Formula 1, has voiced strong opinions about Lewis Hamilton’s unexpected loss and Max Verstappen’s overwhelming success. Ecclestone’s candid remarks underline a dramatic shift in F1 dynamics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Max Verstappen’s Dominance: Ecclestone praised Max Verstappen for his extraordinary performance in the previous F1 season, winning 19 out of 21 races. He believes Verstappen could win in less competitive cars like Ferrari or Mercedes, crediting Red Bull for developing the best team and car.
  • Criticism of Mercedes and Hamilton: Ecclestone highlighted Mercedes’ struggle, marking their first winless season since 2011. He specifically pointed out Lewis Hamilton’s failure and George Russell’s underperformance, suggesting that their losses were too dramatic.
  • Praise for Oscar Piastri: Among other drivers, Ecclestone praised McLaren rookie Oscar Piastri, impressed by his performance at just 22 years old. He anticipates Piastri will become a champion in the future.

In a candid expression of his views on the past Formula 1 season, Bernie Ecclestone, the former CEO of the sport, didn’t hold back in his appraisal of the teams and drivers. His comments, particularly focusing on the contrasting fortunes of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, have stirred the F1 community.

Ecclestone lauded Max Verstappen for his staggering success, winning an unprecedented 19 out of 21 races. Verstappen’s performance, according to Ecclestone, transcends the capabilities of his car, suggesting that his talent could bring victories even in less competitive vehicles, such as those from Ferrari or Mercedes. “They have patiently endured Mercedes dominance, replacing each weak link one by one, developing the best team, the best design, the best car and the best driver,” Ecclestone commented, praising Red Bull’s strategic finesse and Verstappen’s benchmark status in the sport.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ecclestone expressed his disappointment with Mercedes, particularly highlighting the struggles of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Their performance contrasted sharply with the team’s historical success, marking a significant downturn for Mercedes. “Hamilton failed a bit and Russell wasn’t as good as he thought he was either. Still, they shouldn’t have lost so dramatically,” Ecclestone remarked, pointing out the unexpected scale of their defeat.

Furthermore, Ecclestone’s praise extended to Oscar Piastri, the McLaren rookie. At just 22, Piastri’s performance has captured Ecclestone’s attention, predicting a bright future and possibly a championship title for the young Australian.

Ecclestone’s comments reflect the ever-evolving landscape of Formula 1, where the tides of success can shift dramatically, highlighting both the unpredictability and the fierce competition that define this premier motorsport.

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