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Estrella Galicia Shifts Gears: The Spanish Beer Brand Moves from Ferrari to McLaren in a Strategic F1 Realignment

In a notable shake-up within Formula 1 sponsorships, Estrella Galicia has left Ferrari to rejoin McLaren Racing. This marks the second major sponsor loss for Ferrari, following the quiet departure of Bang & Olufsen.

Key Takeaways:

  • Estrella Galicia ended its sponsorship with Ferrari, where it had been since Carlos Sainz’s debut season in 2015, to renew its partnership with McLaren Racing. This shift is seen as a significant move in the F1 sponsorship landscape.
  • The rekindled relationship with McLaren Racing reflects shared values and ambitions, as Estrella Galicia seeks to enhance its international presence through this strategic alliance.
  • High-level executives from both Estrella Galicia and McLaren Racing expressed their excitement and optimism about the renewed partnership, highlighting the alignment in values and the potential for a successful season ahead.

In a surprising turn of events, Estrella Galicia, a prominent Spanish beer brand, has shifted its sponsorship from Ferrari to McLaren Racing. This move is seen as a worrying sign for Ferrari, which has now lost its second sponsor following the discreet exit of Bang & Olufsen. The change of allegiance by Estrella Galicia comes after years of association with Ferrari, dating back to Carlos Sainz’s debut season in 2015.

The decision by Estrella Galicia to return to its former partner McLaren is rooted in a shared vision and ethos. According to the brand, the collaboration is based on “common values such as authenticity, craftsmanship, and innovation,” as well as a distinct spirit of differentiation and non-conformism. This realignment brings the brand back to a team it previously worked with in 2019 and 2020.

The effect of this sponsorship shift is evident in McLaren’s preparations for the upcoming season. Estrella Galicia’s branding will now be prominently featured on the overalls of McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, as well as on the team’s crew members. Additionally, the brand’s logo will be displayed on McLaren’s 2024 title contender car.

Matt Dennington, McLaren Racing’s executive director of partnerships, expressed his enthusiasm about the renewed partnership, stating, “We are delighted to welcome Estrella Galicia back to the McLaren Racing family… We’re excited about the upcoming season and building on the positive momentum we had last year, and it’s fantastic to go racing with Estrella Galicia alongside us.”

Echoing this sentiment, Estrella Galicia’s chief marketing officer, Jose Cabanas, highlighted the importance of having strong partners in their internationalization process. He emphasized the shared values and non-conformist attitude that align both McLaren Racing and Estrella Galicia, expressing excitement for the new chapter in their F1 journey with McLaren.

As the F1 world continues to evolve, the movement of major sponsors like Estrella Galicia is a clear indicator of the dynamic nature of partnerships in the sport. With both Ferrari and McLaren gearing up for the new season, the impact of these sponsorship changes will be closely watched by fans and experts alike.

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