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F1 Guide: Top 5 Eateries Near The Brazilian Grand Prix

For fans planning a trip to the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend, we have put together a list of the five top rated eateries near the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, also known as the Interlagos, track.

Outback Steakhouse

Location: Av Interlagos – Arcos 127 e 132, 2255 – Interlagos, São Paulo – SP, 04661-200, Brazil

Distance to track: 4.9km. According to Google it takes 15 minutes on the train from the track,  16 minutes in the car, or is a 45 minute walk.

Google Rating: 4.6/5

Expected meal price: Higher than average.

Described as a boisterous Australian-themed chain serving steaks, seafood & other hearty steakhouse fare.

Churrascaria Nonnas Paola

Location: Av. Interlagos, 3786 – Jardim Marajoara, São Paulo – SP, 04660-007, Brazil

Distance to track: 3.4km. According to Google it takes 10 minutes in the car from the track, 15 minutes on the train, and is a 38 minute walk.

Google Rating: 4.3/5

Expected meal price: Average

Churrascaria Nonnas Paola is a large restaurant with a weigh and pay BBQ, pizza and sides including a salad buffet.

Hiroshi Temakeria

Location: Av. do Rio Bonito, 1836 – Interlagos, São Paulo – SP, 04776-003, Brazil

Distance to track: 1.9km. According to Google it takes 6 minutes by car from the track, 10 minutes on the train, and is a 19 minute walk.

Google rating: 4.7/5

Expected meal price: Average

For anyone fancying some Asian-inspired food, Hiroshi Temakeria seems to be a popular choice.

Casa da Pizza

Location: Av. Atlântica, 3999 – Interlagos, São Paulo – SP, 04772-004, Brazil

Distance to track: 1.5km. According to Google, to drive from the track it would take 9 minutes, it would take 23 minutes by train, and would be a 22 minute walk.

Google rating: 4.7/5

Expected meal price: Average

Case da Pizza offers casual dining with a range of 27 sweet and savoury pizzas, draft beer and wine.

The Buurger

Location: Av. Pres. João Goulart, 1133 B – Jardim Malia II, São Paulo – SP, 04821-000, Brazil

Distance to track: 2.5km. According to Google, it is a 7 minute drive from the track, a 12 minute train journey, or a 33 minute walk.

Google rating: 4.6/5

Expected meal price: Average

The owners of The Buurger, describe it as “just a few meters from the Primavera-Interlagos train station” and that it is a great place for “people in the region to gather with friends and family to taste the best hamburger in Sao Paulo.” [translated]

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