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F1: Haas Targeted By Stewards After 55 Violations Recorded During Spanish GP Qualifying

Stewards are looking to be tougher on drivers after it was reported that 18 drivers caused 55 cases of failing to respect the delta time set for qualifying last weekend at the Spanish GP. The delta, 1:31 seconds, is there as a safety regulation to minimise the hazards around slow moving cars.

This regulation covers all of the laps during qualifying following the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, compared to before which only covered in-laps during and after qualifying, and before the race start.

The stewards have confirmed, according to The Race, that the “majority of cases were a result of drivers following another driver who was also on an out-lap and as each driver attempted to create a gap to the preceding driver, they went successively slower until a ‘train’ of drivers exceeded the time”.

– Haas F1 Media

No penalties were given to drivers because of this being only the third race in which these regulations have been enforced, but two drivers were constantly being caught by the stewards: Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher, both of the Haas team. They were seen to be “driving unnecessarily slowly”. With their garages being closest to the edge of the pits, they were seen to be starting the chain of drivers who were breaking the regulations.

“Generally, the cars that failed to follow the race director’s event note were following these two cars,” the stewards confirmed according to the media outlet.

“Further violations may incur increased penalties, not only for these drivers but for any competitor committing a similar breach in the future.”

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