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F1 News: Charles Leclerc’s Austin GP Ordeal – Toothache and Disqualification Drama

In a revealing weekend at the US GP, Charles Leclerc faced not only physical pain but also a significant setback in his racing career. The Scuderia Ferrari driver endured a tough toothache, requiring painkillers, and was disqualified from the race due to technical infringements on his car.

Key Takeaways:

  • Challenging Weekend for Leclerc: Charles Leclerc experienced a difficult weekend at the US GP, suffering from a severe toothache. Despite this, he performed well in qualifying, securing pole position.
  • Disqualification Post-Race: After finishing P6, Leclerc was disqualified due to excessive wear on his car’s rear skid blocks, following a post-race inspection by the FIA.
  • Mercedes Closing the Gap: The race concluded with Max Verstappen winning, but Lewis Hamilton’s close finish indicated Mercedes’s recent improvements are making an impact.

In an unexpected twist at the US Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc, the acclaimed Scuderia Ferrari driver, opened up about the struggles he faced over the race weekend in Austin. Battling an intense toothache, Leclerc was compelled to take strong painkillers from as early as Thursday. This physical ailment, however, did not deter his performance during the qualifying rounds, where he impressively clinched the pole position.

Despite the physical discomfort, Leclerc opted for a one-stop strategy in Sunday’s race, a unique choice among his competitors. His strategy seemed to pay off initially as he crossed the finish line in sixth place. Unfortunately, his hard work was rendered futile when a post-race inspection by the FIA led to his disqualification. The inspection, which randomly selected four cars, found excessive wear on the rear skid blocks of Leclerc’s Ferrari, violating the regulations.

Leclerc’s disqualification was a significant talking point of the race, but it wasn’t the only highlight. The championship leader, Max Verstappen, continued his dominant form by securing another victory. However, Lewis Hamilton’s performance in the Mercedes, finishing a mere 2.223 seconds behind Verstappen, suggested that the team’s recent upgrades are paying dividends.

In a statement to, Leclerc shared his experience with the toothache:

“I [was] on really big painkillers since Thursday. For some reason, it was actually quite fine because I took the painkillers before the race. I’ve had times that were more intense so the wish was less but nothing that affected me inside the car, so it’s fine. I had like a tooth infection inside, which I think is the wisdom tooth. I was quite a lot in pain on Thursday and Friday, then it calmed down. [During the race] it was OK.”

Leclerc’s resilience in the face of physical pain and the disappointment of disqualification showcases the challenging nature of Formula 1 racing. The US Grand Prix weekend not only highlighted the technical and physical demands placed on drivers but also underscored the competitive nature of the sport, with teams like Mercedes closing in on the gap to the leaders.

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