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F1 News: Fans Question Lewis Hamilton’s Supernatural Influence Over Red Bull Spin

Fans have reacted to the incredible ending to the Bahrain Grand Prix as both Red Bulls lost their fight with Ferrari letting not only Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz dominate, but letting a Mercedes slip into third place with Lewis Hamilton behind the wheel.

Fans have wondered quite how this happened, though, as it looked like Sergio Perez was magically pushed off of the track when his powertrain failed,

With only a few laps to go of the Bahrain Grand Prix and after a legendary battle between Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Leclerc, Verstappen’s car lost power and he was forced to coast it into the pit lane. This allowed Sainz to move up behind his teammate for a 1-2 finish.

Hamilton, fourth at the time, was eager to stay on Perez’ tail, but with Mercedes struggling with high levels of drag and porpoising, it was looking as though Lewis wouldn’t be able to get close enough to make a move. But with the Silver Arrow putting pressure on the Bull, Perez’ car gave out, spinning on the final lap.

It looked as though Hamilton had nudged the Bull, forcing it to spin, but on closer inspection, the car had spun by itself. This pushed for F1 fans on Reddit to come up with their own theories on what happened:

“So it turns out Mercedes spent their whole budget on a Red Bull force field,” one fan commented, with a second adding “Lewis has mastered the force.”

Another looked further into the incident:

“It was so abrupt too. Like he was hit almost. That’s why a lot of people thought initially that Hamilton had spun him from certain camera angles.”

Other commenters compared the spin to being hit by a banana peel from Mario Kart.

This strike of luck for Mercedes allowed George Russell to follow in fourth, maximising the potential of the Silver Arrows.

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