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F1 News: Former Driver Makes Big Claim On Max Verstappen Mercedes Move – “Would Be St*pid”

In a recent revelation, former F1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella termed the potential move of Max Verstappen from Red Bull to Mercedes as “stupid,” given Red Bull’s dominance in the current F1 scenario. Fisichella’s comments come amidst a backdrop of internal strife at Red Bull and speculation over Hamilton’s successor at Mercedes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fisichella’s Advice: Giancarlo Fisichella cautions Max Verstappen against switching teams. He highlights Red Bull’s current supremacy, with the best team and car on the F1 grid.
  • Hamilton’s Departure and Speculations: Following Lewis Hamilton’s decision to join Ferrari in 2025, speculation surges regarding his replacement at Mercedes, with Verstappen’s name emerging as a distant possibility.
  • Red Bull’s Internal Discord: The Red Bull camp is grappling with its own issues. Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, is advocating for the removal of team boss Christian Horner. Additionally, team advisor Helmut Marko is facing possible suspension before the Australian Grand Prix, a situation that Verstappen believes could negatively impact his position in the team.

As the F1 world grapples with Lewis Hamilton’s announced shift to Ferrari in 2025, the paddock is rife with rumors about who will fill the void he leaves at Mercedes. Max Verstappen, currently with Red Bull, has been mentioned in this context, though such a move seems highly speculative.

Recent developments within Red Bull Racing have added fuel to the speculative fire. Jos Verstappen’s demand for Christian Horner’s removal and the potential suspension of Helmut Marko have created a sense of unease. Verstappen, meanwhile, has shown allegiance to Marko, emphasizing the negative repercussions of leaving Red Bull on his career.

Giancarlo Fisichella, in an interview with OCB Scores, voiced his opinion on this matter. He stressed the impracticality of Verstappen moving to Mercedes, considering his current advantageous position at Red Bull. Fisichella stated:

“Anything is possible in Formula 1 and in life, you just never know. Nobody expected to see Lewis Hamilton moving from Mercedes and especially closing the deal with Ferrari. Nobody expected that. But we don’t know if Max will join Mercedes, next year or in the future. In the place where he is now with the best team and the best car – it’s stupid move to another team. The salary is good at Red Bull and it could be the same or even more in Mercedes so who knows? But you know, you got a winning car, you are at the top of the world at the moment. Why, why move to another team?”

Fisichella’s comments reflect the prevailing sentiment in the F1 community. The unfolding drama at Red Bull and the uncertainties regarding Mercedes’ future lineup promise an intriguing and possibly turbulent season ahead. As teams and drivers navigate these choppy waters, the decisions made in the coming months could redefine team dynamics and driver allegiances in the high-stakes world of Formula 1.

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