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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Opens Up On Self-Doubt Struggles Despite Immense Fan Support

Lewis Hamilton, with seven F1 championships under his belt, recently shared his struggle with feelings of self-doubt despite the massive support and adulation he has received throughout his career. The British crowd has backed him fervently since his entry into the sport, with their cheers for Hamilton only growing louder with time. Yet, this British champion confesses to an internal conflict – a questioning of whether he’s truly worthy of their resounding applause.

Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance Launch – Lewis Hamilton

Ever since he made his dramatic entrance into the world of F1 racing with McLaren in 2007, Lewis Hamilton has become an icon of the sport. In his debut year, he was on the cusp of the championship title, missing it by a solitary point. This initial setback did not dampen his spirits; instead, he made an awe-inspiring comeback in 2008 to secure his first victory, thus further endearing him to the hearts of his British fans.

The unwavering support of his British fans has been evident at every turn. Enthusiastic spectators regularly throng to Silverstone, donning Hamilton’s merchandise and cheering him on with unabated passion. The cheers that greet Hamilton today are just as thunderous as they were during his initial races.

Hamilton recently opened up about his inner struggles during a conversation with BBC Chequered Flag.

“Yes, it’s definitely a big element and a part of that,” he said, discussing his insecurities. “Coming to the British Grand Prix – I’ve been to see other sporting events, but none of them come close to this one.

“When you have that support, I never ever dreamed of having people wearing a cap of mine or supporting me, I always thought it would just be my parents.

“To see that and experience it, it takes time to learn to fully embrace it because it’s not easy.

“There is so much energy and it is super overwhelming when you are on stage or in front of a crowd. I think probably when I was younger, there were days when I wouldn’t know if I felt like I truly deserve it.

“That’s just a part of my own issues growing up. Learning to be able to embrace it and pull that in and go on that journey with them.

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