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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Teaches Dog Roscoe To Ride A Skateboard In Recent Video

Lewis Hamilton is readying himself for what could be an interesting French Grand Prix as Mercedes is getting close and closer to finding their pace for podiums. But in a moment between the 7-time world champion and his famous F1 dog Roscoe, he taught his dog how to skate.

After Hamilton posted a video of Roscoe laid beside him while he worked out, a video was posted to Roscoe’s own Instagram account of him being taught how to skate by his owner.


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A post shared by Roscoe Hamilton (@roscoelovescoco)

The video, which has been viewed over 1.1 million times, shows the English bulldog enjoying his time on the skateboard as Hamilton shouts words of encouragement alongside him.

“Good boy Roscoe, good boy buddy,” he tells his dog as he’s impressed by his skills.

Roscoe is often seen following Hamilton during a race weekend, and thanks to this has gained a following of almost 600,000 on Instagram.

His bio reads: “I’m a vegan bulldog that loves to travel, play ball and get attention from all the girls, especially when they rub my bum. I like frisbee and tennis.”

Hamilton was happy with his podium finish last weekend at the Austrian Grand Prix where he finished P3, but had crashed the car during the qualifying for the sprint race:

“This is a great recovery for us as a team – to get a third and the fourth is some really good points.

“And so we have just got to keep our heads down and keep chipping away and we’re slowly eating into the guys ahead.”

Sitting sixth in the Driver Standings, Lewis Hamilton is only 19 points behind his teammate George Russell, and it looks like there will be plenty more points to come.

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