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F1 News: “Stroll and Alonso will be equal” According To Aston Martin Boss

Aston Martin chief Lawrence Stroll sees a promising future for his son, Lance Stroll. Lawrence, a prominent figure in the Canadian business world, is confident that by the end of this season, Lance’s racing prowess will match that of two-time world champion and teammate, Fernando Alonso. He opened up about these expectations during a chat with Reuters.

With an air of anticipation, Stroll Sr. is looking forward to seeing his son claim a spot on the podium in the upcoming Montreal race. If Lance fulfills this prophecy, he’ll become the first Canadian to score a home podium since Jacques Villeneuve’s 1996 achievement.

– Aston Martin Press Office

“Those are exactly the plans. Hopefully we get two cars on the podium,” he stated with high hopes. “I’m extremely confident. I believe the car will be very strong around the Montreal circuit, it suits our car well. I’m really looking forward to going home and really looking forward to a great race.”

In the Barcelona race, Lance showed a promising performance, finishing sixth and surpassing Alonso, who had a rough time due to floor damage during his qualifying run. Even though Alonso deliberately trailed behind the young Canadian, Lance’s performance instilled confidence in his father. He believes that Lance’s Barcelona performance signals the start of his upward trajectory in racing.

“I think he [Lance] demonstrated in Barcelona he’s now starting, it took six or seven races, to feel better,” he mentioned.

However, Lance’s journey to success hasn’t been all smooth. A cycling accident sidelined him during the Bahrain testing days, causing wrist injuries on both hands.

“I believe that [Stroll and Alonso] will be equal [by the end of the year],” he projected. While Lance’s position seems secure, there are speculations about how long Alonso will continue to be his teammate. “I think most people would never have believed Fernando would be around today. Probably a little long to see him around in ’26 but never say never.”

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